Margaret Thatcher

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Margaret Thatcher was in office for eleven years that made her the longest continually serving prime minister in parliament which in its self seems like a big achievement, but when Margaret was elected she had a rough start, which created a bad first impression. Her introduction of the poll tax also known as The Community Charge began to create a negative outcome and her refusal to form political or economic interrogation with Europe and her "Bruges Speech" worsened the bonds with her colleagues and Foreign States associates. Her being the first woman Prime Minister and these events being at the start definitely affected her whole career and left a lot of people in anger and distress, wanting her to get resigned from the post right from the beginning and had already fogged over most peoples first impressions making her actions later on in her career seem even worse. It is shown throughout the media that views on Margaret Thatcher’s death are completely split and are expressed through headlines such as “Farewell Iron Lady” and “We can never forgive her”. There are different preferred readings depending on the newspaper, for example for the Daily Mail has the headline of “The woman who saved Britain”, this is because it is a newspaper which is strongly conservative and writes its articles following this trend. The Sun, on the other hand, has the headline of “Maggie dead in bed at Ritz” which is iconic of this newspaper being well known to have cheesy one liners and headlines and also being more liberal based newspaper. Anti-Thatcher sentiment prompted a campaign on social media networks to bring the song “Ding Dong the witch is dead" from the Wizard of Oz into the UK singles chart followed by a counter-campaign adopted by Thatcher supporters in favour of the 1979 punk song "I'm in love with Margaret Thatcher" by the Notensibles. This shows just how strongly views on her have been split, showing that the majority either love her or they hate her. The image which...
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