Margaret Mead Theorist Response

Topics: Anthropology, Sociology, Science Pages: 2 (590 words) Published: December 13, 2009
Margaret Mead was a cultural anthropologist whom lived most of her life discovering how different cultures act and work as a society. The effect she has had on social science is truly impeccable and she had definitely made her stamp on history. She is very important to our study of social scientist because of the contributions and theories she has made. During her studies in Samoa and New Guinea she noticed many differences between their cultures and ours. The contributions that Margaret made were outstanding; she had created four anthropology organizations in including the American Anthropological Association , Anthropological Film Institute , Scientists Institute for Public Information and the Society for Applied Anthropology . In fact she was the first female president for advancement of science. Lastly she gave women a chance to voice their opinions without being criticized. Margaret’s theories were all based on research and query which resulted in her constant success. She believed that different male and female characteristics are not built on fundamental sex differences and those females should have the power to voice their opinions. The second big theory that she carried on through her life was her belief that essentially everything that one may experience will determine how one will turn out in later life. Along with that theory she also believed in the culture conditioning of different societies. After she had spent the time in Samoa and New Guinea, Margaret learned that different societies had different quotas, morals and that those will determine the future. Through out her time in these two different cultures, Margaret learned that personality and other traits are changed by the surrounding culture and not genetics. Her work was made up of research involving family, sex and marriage. Her two famous books that really dug into these theories and queries are Coming of Age in Samoa and Growing Up in New Guinea. The theories that Margaret...
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