marfan syndrome

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Marfan Syndrome
By Jordan Martinez

This disease is interesting to me because I have a friend diagnosed with this disease. If you take a quick glance at him you could tell that he has unusual body features. These are conditions to being diagnosed with Marfan syndrome. The conditions and features applied with Marfan syndrome. They are tall, skinny they have long toes and fingers they have a dent on their chest. Marfan syndrome is a connective tissue disorder that is defective and does not act as it should. Marfan syndrome can also affect many other body systems the heart, lungs, skin, blood vessels, and nervous system. Marfan syndrome is caused by a defect (MUTATION) in the gene that determines the structure of fibrillin, a protein that is an important part of connective tissue. Kids that are diagnosed with Marfan syndrome can not play sports or do exercise, which makes them feel left out and different from the other kids, which also makes the parents feel angry, sad, and guilty because they gave there child this disease. The most serious problem with Marfan syndrome is the weakness of the wall of aorta. People with Marfan syndrome should have regular eye exams beginning at an early age near sightedness is a common condition. Surgery occasionally is recommended correcting indented chest if it presses severely on the heart or lungs.

This is a picture of Marfan syndrome. Marfan syndrome is caused by a defect in chromosome 15. 1 in 5,000 people world wide are diagnosed with Marfan syndrome 90% of the people experience changes in their heart or blood vessels.50% of people with Marfan syndrome, nearsightedness and cataracts are also common problems symptom , and the lens of the eye is off-center. This is a mild symptom but they. While others are more severely affected. In most cases, the symptoms progress as the person ages. The body symptoms affected by Marfan syndrome. There face is narrower the roof of...

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