Marco Polo

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• Marco Polo was born in 1254.
• Before Marco was born, his father Niccolo Polo and his uncle Maffeo Polo had gone on a journey to china.
• His aunt took care of him and taught him arithmetic or math and to read and write.
• The business in the family was to become merchants and
traders, so his aunt also taught him how to judge products
and about foreign money. Making him like business and was
his passion.
• He died on January 8th 1324 in his hometown Venice, Italy

• It is known that Marco Polo grew up in Venice.
• Marco Polo was a Venetian (his nationality). Where
trading was famous.
• This environment enabled Marco Polo to become an
• The year 1271 was when Marco Polo went with his
father and uncle on his first journey to Cathay, or
what is now called China.
• Marco’s journey took 3 years but they finally reached
Kublai khan’s palace in china.

Marco’s trading life
• When Marco's father had gone to visit Kublai khan, he
requested to bring Marco to China the next time they visit
so that is how it all started.
• Kublai Khan loved Marco’s attitude towards china and its culture, so he sent Marco on a trade mission and
eventually made him a king of one of the cities.
• Marco faced many difficulties from sandstorms and
bandits in the Gobi desert to the high altitude sickness of
the Pamir mountains.
• But Marco developed all the skills to pass through these hurdles from the local guide, place by place, wherever he
went he tried to learn something new.

There was not something as travel luck but,
due to Kublai khan all the strangers along the
way, treated Marco and family very kindly and
they were given tips on how to avoid any
issues such as bandits and as we mentioned
earlier Marco learnt a lot from these people so
he did benefit a lot and without them he
wouldn't have learnt all about the silk road.

Kublai khan



Marco Polo
entering Kublai
Khan’s castle

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