Marco Polo

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Marco Polo
Marco Polo was a Venetian explorer who travelled through Central Asia and China. Although the exact place and time is unknown, he was born in 1254 and later died in 1324. His mother died after giving birth to him, therefore his aunt and uncle raised him for most of his life. Marco Polo learned how to read and write as a child, he was very educated for his age. His father and uncle were both merchants, and became very wealthy by trading goods with the Middle East. He was seventeen when his father and uncle took him on his first journey to China in 1271. Marco Polo travelled to China over the Silk Road which was an overland route to China. He worked for Kublai Khan, the Mongol Emperor, for seventeen years. He sailed home instead of going overland. Marco Polo brought back ivory, jade, jewels, porcelain, silk and also stories about the Chinese use of coal, money and compasses. Marco Polo became famous for his travels through Central Asia and China. The travels of Marco Polo and his accomplishments are all noted in the book Marco Polo from Venice to Xanadu, by Laurence Bergreen. The chapters I selected to write about are chapters three, eight, nine, and fourteen. Chapter three is about Marco Polo’s experience in Armenia, the journey to the Mongol Empire. It includes topics such as the Turkomen province local religions,

women, farming, and also the Assassin cult. The next chapter I chose to write about is chapter eight, In the Service of the Khan. This chapter is about Kublai Khan and the great city of Cambulac. The chapter talks about Persian astronomy and Mongols, practical applications of astrology, physical description of Cambulac security and also royal banqueting. Topics such as use of coal and the application of the Mongol New Year calendar are also mentioned in this chapter. The Struggle for Survival is the next chapter I decided to cover. It is chapter nine and it is about Macro Polo’s travels throughout Hangzhou, the largest, wealthiest city in China. The chapter covers the Mongolian and Asian war, the silk trade, salt used for currency, and also health care. The final chapter I chose to cover is chapter fourteen, The Mongol Princess. The chapter begins by talking about the end of the Kublai Khan, and how Macro Polo must release from the services of the Klan even if it meant life or death. It continues on talking about Macro Polo’s outlook on life, and his journey with the Mongol Princess. Marco Polo was a one of the greatest explores till this day, and I was very lucky to have gotten the chance to read and write about this man. In this essay you will find more in depth information on the chapters I selected and also my personal reflection. Finally leaving Venice, and Jerusalem Macro Polo, his father and uncle finally made it to Armenia. The Apprentice begins talking about how to Polo company arrived to Armenia, and how they are staring straight at the heart of the Mongol Empire. In Armenia, Marco Polo and company ran into the Kublai Klan, heretics of the land. The Kublai Klan were considered good Christians, and they used the land for enjoyment. Marco Polo decided it was a good idea to join the Klan, soon after that the Polo Company ran into the Province of Turkoman, which today is considered Turkey. Marco Polo felt that the people of Turkoman were ignorant people who lived like beast. (Laurence Bergreen, Marco Polo, 43). He felt like these people differed in so many ways from any other

people he came to encounter. Although they lived like beast, they had qualities to them that would attract the common eye. Their carpets were one of beautiful craftsmanship. They were made with extraordinary color like rich gold’s and the finest silk. Their carpets were not the only thing that caught Marco Polo’s attention but also the religion and beliefs of the Mongols. Justice was well kept among the people and the Klan just as long as they were obedient. They had a wide range of religious freedom. The people...
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