Marching to a different drummer

Topics: Sri Lanka, Lanka, Joint venture Pages: 3 (801 words) Published: April 22, 2014

Slimline: Marching to a Different Drummer
April 21st, 2014

Case Summary:
“Globalization means different things to different people,” so therefore individuals have their own standpoints regarding various things. In this case, an issue that has arisen is the allegation of mistreatment of employees in developing countries. Slimline is an apparel manufacturer in Sri Lanka, which does business disparately. The company employs 5000+ employees, whom help produced $50 million worth of apparel annually. In this company, the entry level wages are set higher than the local markets and to mention that some of their employees have undergraduate and graduate degrees. Slimline does not have the typical sweatshop environment like most apparel manufacturers and due to the decent work atmosphere; it has a waiting list for jobseekers. The production workers are granted good working conditions which include the utilization of advanced pneumatic sewing machines unlike the usual manual models in Asian factorie, the factory is air conditioned, and base pay is $80-$100 and it even has a gym for employees.

Slimline strategy is conducive because they want to produce high quality goods for their customers and they realize the brand name retailers do not want to deal with anti-sweatshop campaigns because it can cause issues. The company is also is comprised of three joint ventures: Mast Industries, Courtaulds and MAS Holdings. Amongst the three, Slimline has been able to become a successful company due to the strategies in placed and the support of one another in creating the company. The management team has been superb and the construction of the factory and the state of the art facilities and its technology has driven Slimline’s success. The organization’s culture and morals play an important role and they work hard to instill pride in the company. They give back to the community by sponsoring sports teams, and providing scholarships....
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