March Revolution

Topics: Russia, Monarchy, Leadership Pages: 2 (473 words) Published: April 18, 2013
The March Revolution was a revolution led by the Russian society in respond to the Tsar’s irresponsibility of the royal throne’s purpose of serving and satisfying the community. Because of his lack of responsibility, a provisional government replaced his role as an absolute monarch. The cause of the March Revolution was the rule of a weak leader, the Industrial Revolutions social unrest, and his enter to WW1 to unite Russia. One of the causes of the March Revolution was the leadership of a weak leader: Tsar Nicholas II. According to Doc. ( ), Nicholas had declared when he first was put to the throne that he did not know what he was doing. He had no idea how to rule his country and how to maintain control of his country in anyway. This lack of leadership angers the Russian society since they discover a Tsar who does not know what to do with them is ruling them. Because of his lack of leadership, he often abused his power and sometimes did not respond to the needs of the people. Another cause of the March Revolution was Russia’s early stages of industrialization, which created social unrest. Similar to the other European countries that went through industrialization, Russians suffered of the low wages in work, lack of protection for workers, and unsanitary working and living conditions. This was also a part of the March Revolution since most of the societies pleads for these thing to be fixed were always ignored by the Tsar. Consequently, like the other industrialize countries, many strikes protests and the revolution took place to make the Tsar listen to them and hoped he would make reforms for them. The last cause for the March Revolution was the involvement to the World War, which to the Tsar’s thought, The Russians would unite to fight for their country. He thought that this would unite the society to war and stop the talk about war. Patriotism did increase at first, but Russia was not ready for war since they lacked food, transportation, and good leaders for...
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