Marcel Duchamp Why Is the Fountain Art?

Topics: Dada, Marcel Duchamp, Art Pages: 3 (1158 words) Published: March 27, 2011
The In-depth Artist of the What was Fountain originally submitted for and what happened to it? The 1917 urinal aka Fountain was originally put on display during a show promoting Avant grade art. Avant grade means advance guard which is a military term. Avant garde was art movement which originated in France in 1850 in order to open the eyes and more so, make fun of or shock the average or elite viewer. To put an everyday, ordinary item on display and call it art. For many of the upper class directors of the showing, this piece was ridiculous and they did not understand it and thought it an insult of sorts. Shortly after its first and only exhibit, the Fountain just happened to vanish. This particular piece was one of the more remembered pieces of these ready-mades that Duchamp produced. Other artists from 1850, which was the beginning of the Avant Garde Movement, to approximately 1970, also had well known pieces of art that was displayed to the elite, rich, and upper class viewers, including Andy Warhol, Rockefeller and Basquit. The pieces were to rattle there conscience and make them look deeper at ordinary pieces and more or less humble them in a way or make fun of their elite, snobbish, uptight, society waysSalvador Dali The Love of Zero, a 1927 film by Robert Florey. Is a piece of art like the Fountain plagiarism or is it art by virtue of selection? The piece of art similar to the Fountain could be considered plagiarism by some because the originality of the piece was not created by the artist themselves but by someone else. The artist merely used another persons ordinary, everyday invention or household item per say and displayed it as a piece of art. The ordinary item then transformed from the ordinary item with a humble use and purpose to a piece of art on display causing the viewer to search deeper for what the artist might have meant by using it. The same piece could also be considered Art by virtue of selection as well. Being that the particular art...
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