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Topics: Toronto, Greater Toronto Area, Advertising Pages: 7 (1471 words) Published: November 28, 2010
Identification and Evaluation of Alternatives
The following alternatives to Penny Thomas’s Marketing plan decisions incorporate aspects of Target Market, Store Location, and Promotional Campaign. Thomas’s alternatives contain: 1. Target Market

a. Families
b. Young Adults
c. Women
2. Store Location
a. Vaughan
b. Toronto Annex Area
c. The Beaches
d. Oakville
3. Promotional Campaign
a. Toronto Star
b. Now Magazine
c. 104.5 Chum FM
d. Pattison Outdoor
e. Canada Post Direct Mail

Pros & Cons
1. Target Market
a. Families
– Pros
i. Parents were often engaged in family activities ii. Showed great potential with children under the age of 15 iii. Often shared quality time during family outings including eating ice cream iv. Children often persuaded families to get ice cream as a treat – Cons

i. Economic outlook was uncertain due to US economy effect on Canada ii. Since Marble Slam ice cream was that of a premium, might engage in lower quality products iii. Alternative options such as Baskin Robbins might appeal to families b. Young Adults

– Pros
i. Aged 15 to 24, had some of full independence of spending money ii. Own disposable income due to part time, full time, or summer employment iii. Shares an appetite for social interaction iv. Limited family obligations

– Cons
i. Many competitors already targeting this lucrative market c. Women
– Pros
i. Primary caregivers and dominant grocery shoppers ii. Made most of the food purchasing decisions in and out of the household iii. Profitable potential since this target market is so large – Cons

i. Generally more health conscious
ii. Unsure if target market would response favorably iii. Concern with how to focus advertising to such a broad segment 2. Store Location
a. Vaughan
– Pros
i. Growing population and increasing development ii. Pre-existing outdoor complex in Thornhill community iii. Located next to major urban highway and big name retailers including bank iv. Across from major shopping centre and movie theatre – Cons

i. Commitment to a 10 year term
ii. Close proximity to Starbucks and Baskin Robbins b. Toronto Annex Area
– Pros
i. Large university student population in a densely populated area ii. Close to a major shopping street, guaranteed heavy traffic from neighboring stores iii. Within proximity of several subway stops and walking distance from University of Toronto and several museums – Cons

i. Finding a prime space in this area would be difficult ii. Leasing option would be most expensive among alternatives c. The Beaches
– Pros
i. Popular destination, well known for its sandy Lake Ontario shoreline and boardwalk ii. Heavily frequented by locals as well as tourists iii. Easily accessible by public transportation

iv. Several dinning, shopping, and beach activities within proximity – Cons
i. Affected most harshly by winter weather
ii. Five direct competitors within the vicinity d. Oakville
– Pros
i. Part of the Greater Toronto Area, lakeside town with approximately 165,000 residents ii. Least expensive leasing option
iii. Higher household median income than other alternatives iv. Little direct competition
v. Locale could be a good fit with Marble Slab’s...
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