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PREPARED FOR: Dr. Lycourgos Hadjiphanis
Course: MAR
Domestica Ltd, is a company established and commenced operations in 1957 by its founder and acting Managing Director, Demetri N. Hadjioannou. In early stages, the Trading Company concentrated on imports and the subsequent wholesaling and distribution of Domestic Appliances & Consumer Electronics. The particular firm, pioneered in its field with an aggressive marketing and strong dealer distribution network, covering the entire island, which emerged the way for its future expansion and achievement status As one of the first ‘registered’ Companies in Cyprus, the registration number 40, was given to Domestica Ltd by the Republic of Cyprus. Domestica went through tough chronic periods such as the war and economical upsets but it managed to overcome these difficulties and flourished to become a strong and successful company. Currently, the Commercial side of the Company has expanded drastically in size as well as in representing products and brands that cover more of the market’s vertical price structure, always focusing on high product quality and reliability. Moreover, it has further improved on fast and reliable Customer Services and satisfaction as well as on innovative and promotional marketing practices and relations. Recent changes in systems operations and distribution have propelled its way in its field, as one of the most effective importing, retailing support and wholesaling distribution firms locally in the Appliances field. It represents one of the best and more competitive ranges of quality appliances in Cyprus. Domestica provides products and services that meet the requirements and business needs of of wholesale and retail customers. The dedicated employees, empowered and accountable for decisions at the local level, work side-by-side with the customers every day in the stores and markets where the products are sold. The company demonstrates their appreciation by providing them with high quality products, sale service and guarantee. Their Goal is quality, service, trust and value for each and every customer, each and every time. Domestica main strategy is to deliver on right time to the right price and provide after sale service. It can achieve this by providing international service to all their brands, 24/7 all over Cyprus. A university degree in marketing and 25 years of related experience and training in different marketing sections . Problem-solving and analytical skills to take sales performance and market trend information. Proven ability to motivate and lead the sales team. Experience in developing marketing and sales strategies. Excellent oral and written communication skills, plus a good working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite. He started of as anyone else would, from bottom. He initially landed a job as a salesperson at a small company. From experience he has learned that ‘’selling’’ is not as easy as it seems and requires unique skills and effort. For years as a salesperson he was monitoring competition by gathering at the time marketplace information on pricing, products, new products , delivery schedules , merchandising techniques, etc. Later on he proved to be the suitable person for the sales manager position.

He currently manages a sales team of 4 which works within a standardized process which defines how to approach, qualify, work with and close the customer.
As a sales manager he believes that with clearly aligned goals, all activities can be quickly evaluated, activities that don’t support these goals can be eliminated or uptated to bring them into alignment. In order to motivate and lead his salespeople effectively, he likes to think about what's important to them and what drives them. He avoids rulemaking because from past experience he knows that salepeople generally want freedom ,compliance doesn’t work with these people, they want autonomy. Removing this obstacles and trying to set...
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