Maple Leaf Ethics Crisis

Topics: Maple Leaf Foods, Food, Morality Pages: 2 (1007 words) Published: October 22, 2014

Maple Leaf Foods Reaction Paper
Canada is the country has the safest food system. However, the maple leaf food, one of the largest producers of meat products in North America and an integrated company with the value” We Take Care”, faced Listeria outbreak, described by the Company’s CEO as “the toughest situation we’ve faced in the 100 years of this company’s history”. The first part of this paper will give a general perspective on the actions and strategies of Maple leaf food in the crisis and different agents involved here. Then this paper will deal more about adopting the moral reasoning models and principles to dissect and analyze these issues. Last, this paper gives a conclusion for this issue. Background

In 2008, Maple Leaf Foods plant was confirmed as being involved in the outbreak of tainted product linked to illness and death, caused by the bacterium Listeria. More than 200 Maple Leaf Foods products were recalled. Twenty people died, many more became seriously ill and the economic costs incurred by the company. Maple Leaf Foods, as the active agent, immediately recalled the contaminated products, enhanced the safety control and compensated the victims. However, this issue become a national public health tragedy, affecting a lot of consumers, investors, board and the government organizations (passive agents). Models (Graham Tucker’s 5-Questions & Consequentialism) No doubt, for the consumer-products company, basic values are the core points for success. Maple Leaf Foods, especially the CEO Michael McCain in this operational and communicational crisis, kept on the track of honesty, fairness, compassion integrity and responsibility to rebuild their reputation. Below, the two models show that how these values lead to a good outcome. Graham Tucker’s 5-Questions

Profitable? During 2008-2012, Maple Leaf Foods recalled their products for four times. They shut down plants and extensively cleaned and replaced machines. The recall directly...
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