mao last dancer

Topics: Mao Zedong, Kang Sheng Pages: 3 (1031 words) Published: May 26, 2014
‘Non-fiction texts only deal with facts.’

Discuss the validity of this statement. In your essay response, you should discuss how composers of non-fiction texts present their point of view with specific reference to your non-fiction text.

Autobiographies, as a narrative non-fiction text, generally rely on the conventions of factual historical evidence while presenting a personal point of view. Non-fiction texts therefore, rely on objective detail and a subjective perspective. Throughout the autobiography Mao’s Last Dancer the composer Li Cunxin offers a personal evaluation of actions and speculates on the significance of certain actions and events. To engage and entertain the responder the composer uses opinionative language and emotive language throughout. Recounts rely intensely on memory, which can be fragile and misleading, and therefore one should question the validity of such a text. Such an autobiography also deals with factual events but includes a level of subjectively. By saying non-fiction texts only deal with facts is partially wrong because non-fiction texts such as autobiographies do deal with the things other than facts and it contrastingly brings immediacy to events that have been simply narrated by secondary versions. Consequently, non-fiction texts are not always objective when dealing with the events in a person’s life and this proves right through the novel.

Autobiographies by their very nature rely back on memories from the past. This can be fragile and can ignore certain facts. In Li Cunxin’s text, most of his writing relied back on his memory. He exaggerates and reinforces his points quite strongly. Hyperbole is used in this line, “My leaps were high…It felt like as if I was flying…gliding through the open sky, and if the music allowed it, I would have stayed in the air all night,” (p314) adjusting the truth to portray him in a positive light. Furthermore, Time does have an effect on memory as it can be clouded over time...
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