Many Successful Persons Have a Very Strong Will

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Many successful persons seem alike to have a very strong will called desire. It seems an uncommon common sense to make success happen. Probably no other human characteristic is more outstanding than the will to plan carefully and to work patiently. As a saying goes: "Success favors the prepared mind." For this reason, preparing one's career with details is like seriously mapping life's routes toward achievements. Only by so doing with a consistent mind can one prevent desire from becoming blind ambition seeking accidently to strike it rich or downright to be particularly lucky in life. In other words, a successful person is capable of setting goals and paving the way against all odds. Of course, important to success are also such human qualities as honesty, intelligence, a sense of humor, among other virtues. However, these characteristics must be considered as only advantages which do not alone guarantee success in life. Few would doubt that working with patience is an expression of desire. Nothing worthwhile comes easily and good work takes pains. This means that a successful person is one who can make the best of education and talents, if any. Unfortunately, an educated person would remain only an educated person unless possessing passion to do more. Likewise, it would be a waste of talents if gifts from heaven are abandoned in idleness. So it is work, continuous work that can accomplish results that last. As a conclusion, it is easier said than done to be able to plan and to work in such a way that the way to success can be ensured. A motto may apply: "Where there is a will; there is a way." When people do not succeed, it might be either that the desire is not strong enough, or that it might be the absence of desire in the first place. In listening to radio, people are emotionally entertained in a way unlike watching television or using Internet. The Hongxing jaw crusher and raymond mill will also live as long as the construction itself. More...
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