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Many people have their favourite city. I also have my favourite one. It's called Aberystwyth. It's on the west coast of Wales. It isn’t big. I was there two years ago. The city is small but very nice.

Most part of the town is very old and has got many historical buildings, for example the ruins of the castle or the Local Folk Museum. The most interesting and attractive place in the whole town is definitely "The Pier ". It is a massive, wooden construction going out towards the sea. That construction is a basement to a large building. Everyone can find something interesting for themselves there. There are an Indian Restaurant, a pub called "The Pier ", a video-lending shop, a night-club, an ice-cream shop and the most important "The Amusement ". "The Amusement" attracts both children and adults. You can do really everything there, for example: take part in a car race, play on different gambling machines or play computer games etc.

Aberystwyth has also an old harbour. There are always many boats and, of course, a small light house.

The town is situated on the hilly area. There are many fields around Aberystwyth and they are white with sheep. There aren’t many forests around. There are many shops in the town. Customers can buy good-quality things. For example I bought a dress in one shop. I have been wearing it very often and washing it and it still looks like new.

It isn’t an industrial city, so the air is very clean and if you want to keep fit you can go jogging on the promenade every day. But the best time for that is in the evening because then you can also admire the sunset and meet a lot of interesting people.

If you want to go somewhere for your holidays, go to Aberystwyth.
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