Many People Are Critical of the Hong Kong Education System, Saying That It Is Too Exam Oriented. to What Extent Do You Agree?

Topics: Education, College, Higher education Pages: 2 (555 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Many people are critical of the Hong Kong Education system, saying that it is too exam oriented. To what extent do you agree?

Hong Kong is one of the cities having the highest educational level in the world. It seems that Hong Kong have a well education system in the world. However, I agree with this statement about the educational system in Hong Kong.

To begin with, the majority of students are provided with 12 years of education as the Hong Kong government increases the years of compulsory schooling in Hong Kong. Also, the removal of fees and only one series of public exams in senior secondary school that is a welfare to make more opportunities for the children and raise the level of education in Hong Kong. Under this structure of education, students are allocated to Secondary schools through their performance in three examinations taken in Primary 5 and Primary 6. Schools are extremely competitive and parents hope their children can get a strong preference and to be allocated to a top or higher band school (the band 1 school). After achieving this goal, students in Forms 4-6 now prepare for the HKDSE to entry the university, the examinations for which are held at the end of Form 6. As well know, studying in university is most students’ dream coming true. Unfortunately, since the capacities of the universities are too small, about 30% of students can get in universities, and they will eventually attain their target provided that they perform well in public examinations. In other words, academic achievement in public examinations becomes the determining factor in distinguishing the so-called ‘’winners’’ from the ‘’loser’’. As we can see, the education system is examination-oriented and the value of education is twisted.

Apart from that, it is undeniable that certain drawbacks can be found in this system. The aim of education is to realize one’s potentials. It fosters students to contribute our society. Students who have outstanding achievement in...
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