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Topics: African American, White people, United States Pages: 2 (764 words) Published: October 6, 2013
Good morning ladies and gentleman
Thank you for inviting me here today it is a great pleasure for me to be at your University. Today I would like to talk to you about African-Americans situation in the United States. But first of all I would like to introduce myself. My name is Ronald Fryer and I am a professor of economics at Harvard University. In the next half hour I will answer some fundamental questions. I will especially talk to you about the African - Americans conditions in US. In order to you can understand these issues I will for example speak about the family background and the labour market. In the end of my speech I will talk about how we can narrow the gap between black and white Americans in future. I will tell you something about my own story. When I was very young my parents split up my father was a maths teacher went off the rails. I can remember that I had to borrow money to bail him out of jail. I grew up in a ghetto, in a family who ran a crack business it was my great uncle and great aunt. I remember the time where I was 15 years old, I was one of the children in my neighborhood that was hanging out and selling drugs on the side. I was lucky because I have a talent. Talent for sports as backed me away from a life of crime because I won a sports scholarship to the University of Texas. And today I stand before thousand students and working at the Harvard University. The situation in the United States is not much better today. It figures from the statistics. Today is still many black people middle class. Blacks die, on average, five years earlier than whites. And though the black middle class has grown immensely, many blacks are still stuck in crime-scorched, nearly jobless ghettos. Also is it still difficult for the African-Americans to break free from the social heritage, as I did. Another factor is the family structure. Since 1970 the proportion of black babies born out of wedlock nearly doubled to 69 percent. 70 percent...
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