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Submitted to the faculty of the Department of Animal Science College of Agriculture, Central Luzon State University
in partial fulfillment of the requirements
for the degree

(Animal Science)

APRIL 2013
This major practice report entitled “MAJOR PRACTICE IN DAIRY PRODUCTION AND MILK PROCESSING”, prepared and submitted by GINO CACACTIN ABUCAY in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Animal Science) is hereby accepted.

Adviser Project Manager

Date SignedDate Signed

Department Major Practice Coordinator Department Chairman _________________________________________
Date SignedDate Signed


College Dean

Date Signed


College Major Practice Coordinator

Date Signed


Gino Cacactin Abucay is the youngest of the two children of Mr. Fidencio S. Abucay and Mrs. Adelaida C. Abucay. Gino was born on the 16th day of April 1992 at Paoay, Ilocos Norte. He finished his elementary education at Salbang Elementary School at Brgy. Salbang Paoay, Ilocos Norte and continued his secondary education at the Paoay Lake National High School at Brgy. Pannaratan Paoay, Ilocos Norte. Gino pursued the degree of Bachelor of Science in Agriculture major in Animal Science at the Central Luzon State University. His field of specialization is Dairy Production and Milk Processing and he accomplished his major practice relative to this area at the 5th District of Pangasinan Dairy Multi-Purposed Cooperative in Laoac, Pangasinan. During his college days, he became an active member of Ranchers’ Club Philippines (RCP).

Life is a long and wide journey, and full of surprises. He never stop trying his best to still hold on even if the waves of life are so big. He always thinks that problem is just a challenge given by God above for us to be awakened or to improve. He don't believe we have to be better than everybody else, he believe we have to be better than we ever thought we could be. Go on with the flow of life; don’t be afraid because God is always there for us.


The author would like to take this opportunity to thank those persons involved for their valuable help in the accomplishment of this work. Infinite thanks to his beloved parents, Mr. Fidencio S. Abucay and Mrs. Adelaida C. Abucay also to his older sister Frestelyne C. Abucay for their support, patience and encouragement that help him to overcome the odds in the conduct of this major practice and of course their unending love that they gave to him; To Dr. Dante D. Lorenzo, his major practice adviser, for his valuable suggestions, comments and unending guidance without which this could not have been possible; To our former Department Research Coordinator and former College Major practice coordinator, Mr. Jayson J. Juan and Dr. Alona T. Badua, respectively, for their comments and suggestions and for imparting their knowledge for the improvement of this paper; To Dr. Irene J. Domingo, the very approachable Chairman of the department of Animal Science, for her support and guidance; To Dr. Federico O Perez, Dean College of Agriculture and to all the faculty and staff of the Department of Animal Science, for the beautiful memories; To his co-field practitioners: Jay, Joseph and Johnrey for their support and shared happy moments during the major practice; To his brod and sis in the Ranchers’ Club Philippines, for giving him moments of joy, inspiration and wonderful memories; To all the people in the PDMPC, for giving him a chance to explore things in the dairy farm that enhance more his field of specialization; And to the people not mentioned who also contribute to the fulfillment of this manuscript, Thank you. And above all, to the almighty God who provides love, blessings and guidance for making him strong and determined as he conquers the big waves of life especially in his college life. To God be the highest praises, glory and honor To all of you thank you very much.


| PAGE| TITLE PAGE | i| APPROVAL SHEET| ii| BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH| iii| ACKNOWLEDGEMENT| iv| LIST OF TABLES | ix| LIST OF APPENDIX TABLES| x| LIST OF APPENDIX RECORDS| xi| LIST OF APPENDIX FIGURES| xii| ABSTRACT| xiii| INTRODUCTION| 1| Importance of the Major Practice| 1| Objectives of the Major Practice| 2| Time and Place of the Major Practice| 3| REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE| 4| Dairy Industry| 4| Management of pregnant buffaloes| 5| Milking Management of Buffaloes| 5| TABLE OF CONTENTS

Feeding 6
Housing 7 Sanitation in Dairy Farm 7 Milk Let Down 8Milk Composition 9 Shelf Life of Fluid Milk 9

Milk Production and Processing 10
Marketing of Milk and Milk products 11
Orientation of the Major Practice 13
General Herd Management 13

Herd Management 13
Animal Health and Sanitation 15 Breeding Management 17 Nutrition and feeding Management 18 Other Management 21

Animal Identification 21
Record Keeping 21 Milk Production and Processing 22
Milk and Milk Handling 22
Milk Collection Methods 23
Preparation of the Dairy Cows Before and After Milking 24
Milk Processing 25
DISCUSSION 27 Description of the Farm Area 27

Agro-Climatic Description of Area 28 Herd Inventory 29 Milk Production and Utilization 30Calving Record 31Animal Mortality 32 Pregnancy Rate 33Sales 34 PROBLEMS ENCOUNTERED AND RECOMMENDATION 35


1| Agro-climatic data during the conduct of the major practice| 28| 2| Herd inventory of the Pangasinan Dairy Multi-purpose Cooperative from April to May 2012| 29| 3| Milk production and utilization of the Pangasinan Dairy Multi-purpose Cooperative from April to May 2012| 30| 4| Calving record of the Pangasinan Dairy Multi-purpose Cooperative from April to May 2012| 31| 5| Animal mortality of the Pangasinan Dairy Multi-purpose Cooperative from April to May 2012| 32| 6| Pregnancy rate of the Pangasinan Dairy Multi-purpose Cooperative from April to May 2012| 33| 7| Sales from dairy products at the Pangasinan Dairy Multi-purpose Cooperative from April to May 2012| 34|

1| Activities conducted during the major practice | 39|
2| Suggested feeding guide for calves| 43|
3| Veterinary drugs commonly used in the farm | 44|
4| Prices of milk and milk products at the 5th District of Pangasinan Dairy Multi-Purpose Cooperative| 45| 5| Herd health program at the 5th District of Pangasinan Dairy Multi-Purpose Cooperative| 46|


RECORD PAGE 1Breeding record form 51 2Calving record form 52

3Daily milk production record form 53 4 Mortality record form 54

1| The major practice student while feeding the calves using bottle feeders| 55| 2| The major practice student while cleaning the cluster in water with zonrox| 56| 3| The major practice student while inserting the cluster of milking machine | 57| 4| The major practice student while dehorning calves | 58| 5| The major practice student while feeding cows with total mix ration | 59| 6| The major practice student while testing cows milk using Californian Mastitis Test| 60|


ABUCAY, GINO CACACTIN, Department of Animal Science, College of the Agriculture, Central Luzon State University, Science City of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija, April 2013.

Major Practice in Dairy Production and Milk Processing
Venue: Pangasinan Dairy Multi-Purpose Cooperative
Laoac, Pangasinan


The major practice student was assigned to the production area from April 2012 to May 2012 at 5th District of Pangasinan Dairy Multi-Purposed Cooperative for two months. The farm provided all the inputs necessary for the production such as forage, veterinary drug administration, breeding, cleaning and sanitation, milk handling and processing with the close supervision of the farm manager, on call-veterinarian and animal caretakers. The 5th District Pangasinan Dairy Multi-Purpose Cooperative has an initial animal population of 852 head in April and increased to 860 head in May 2012 with mortality rate of 1.41%. The total milk used in processing in 5th DPDMC from April to May was 44,688 Kg. The milk collected from the lactating cows was used in processing, feeding calves and the remaining raw milk was sold to private clients. Fresh milk, raw milk, cheese, milk o’ gel, strawberry milk, chocolate milk and yoghurt are the products manufactured and sold in the farm.

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