Manufacturing Technology (Toolbox Project)

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There are two types of toolboxes consists of metal and plastic. The purpose of the toolbox is to organize, carry and protect the owner’s tool. The used of toolboxes are for the machinist, tool and die makers, jewelers and other specializes craftsmen. A toolbox is composed of a base, a pivotally-mounted top cover, and usually a rack-mounted inside for convenient access. Toolboxes are commonly having a hinged cover for a top with a handle for carrying and also have a latch for securing the cover to the box, it can more than one. For the steel metal toolboxes, it was weigh more than plastic ones. The weigh can be the same with a plastic toolbox with tool and an empty steel box. Metal boxes are also subject to rusting and their sharp edges can mark the surfaces of things they are banged against. This project is a group project which consists of three members. The project is to produce a sheet metal toolbox from a specified drawing that had been produced. The purpose of the project is to produce a drawing of a toolbox using Solidworks Software and to perform the operation of sheet metal working such as measuring, snipping, drilling, bending and folding, and riveting to produce parts according to the drawing. The tools used to perform the operations are bar holder, hand drill, pop rivet gun, sheet metal snip, hammer, centre punch, steel ruler, try square and scriber. Material used is mild steel sheet (1mm).



Once a discussion has done, the group members have working out with a draft of toolbox on a piece of paper. This will be an idea on how to make a drawing using the Solidwork software. The drawing is drawn followed the specified measurement which is 12x5.5x5.5 inches for the box and 6x1 inches for the handle. For the box, it has been divided by two part consists of body and cap. The measurement for the body is 12x5.5x4.5 inches (see Figure 2.1) and measurement for the cap is...
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