Topics: Machining, Electrical discharge machining, Electrochemical machining Pages: 4 (1753 words) Published: May 14, 2014
Lecture # 9
Review Questions
26.1 Why are the nontraditional material removal processes important? 26.2 There are four categories of nontraditional machining processes, based on principal energy form. Name the four categories. 26.3 How does the ultrasonic machining process work?

26.4 Describe the water jet cutting process.
26.5 What is the difference between water jet cutting, abrasive water jet cutting, and abrasive jet cutting? 26.6 Name the three main types of electrochemical machining. 26.7 Identify the two significant disadvantages of electrochemical machining. 26.8 How does increasing discharge current affect metal removal rate and surface finish in electric discharge machining? 26.9 What is meant by the term overcut in electric discharge machining? 26.10 Identify two major disadvantages of plasma arc cutting. 26.11 What are some of the fuels used in oxyfuel cutting?

26.12 Name the four principal steps in chemical machining.
26.13 What are the three methods of performing the masking step in chemical machining? 26.14 What is a photoresist in chemical machining?
26.15 (Video) What are the three layers of a part’s surface after undergoing EDM. 26.16 (Video) What are two other names for ram type EDMs?
26.17 (Video) Name the four subsystems in a RAM EDM process. 26.18 (Video) Name the four subsystems in a wire EDM process. Problems
Application Problems
26.1 For the following application, identify one or more nontraditional machining processes that might be used, and present arguments to support your selection. Assume that either the part geometry or the work material (or both) preclude the use of conventional machining. The application is a matrix of 0.1 mm (0.004 in) diameter holes in a plate of 3.2 mm (0.125 in) thick hardened tool steel. The matrix is rectangular, 75 by 125 mm (3.0 by 5.0 in) with the separation between holes in each direction = 1.6 mm ( 0.0625 in). 26.2 For the...
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