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Operation manual for the administration control panel of the constructor website

1. Authorization 2. Change interface language 3. Search box 4. Main menu 4.1 Web-pages 4.1.1 Remove web-page 4.1.2 Edit web-page Edit content Edit metatags 4.2 Add Page 4.3 Menu 4.3.1 Add new element 4.3.2 Edit/remove element 4.4 Manage Templates 4.4.1 Add link 4.4.2 Delete link 4.4.3 Change copyright 4.5 Design 4.5.1 Edit default design 4.5.2 Edit default font

5. FAQ
5.1 How to place an image? 5.2 How to place a link? 5.3 How to place an image with a link? 5.4 How to place a counter register, flash banner? 5.5 How to make changes to the main template?

1. Authorization
In order to start working in the website administration control panel, please follow the link http://domain_name/site_builder/ and pass the authorization procedure.

2. Change interface language
Once the authorization is completed, the administration control panel of the website constructor is launched. Its default language is English, yet it can be changed into Russian by a click on the corresponding option button in the language box.

Change interface language

3. Search box
The search box allows finding certain web-pages by determining the search domain (search in the language version set or in all the versions).

Search box

Search parameters

4. Main menu
The main menu consists of five points: Web-pages. Use this point for editing and removing the web-pages of the affiliate website. Add Page. In this section you can create a new web-page, fill it with certain content in the easily understandable panel (the panel enables you to add links, handle the text, upload images etc.). You can also include the following metasymbols for a new web-page: title, keywords, description. Edit Menu. In this section the structure of the website menu can be altered. It serves to add/edit/remove the menu points. Manage Templates. This section allows managing the website templates (the part of the website page comprising side and bottom menu as well as headings). Furthermore, here you can add/remove links to/from the side menu on both sides from the text and also change Copyright. Design. With the help of this section you can choose any scheme elaborated by our team and change the font.

4.1 Web-pages

For a web-page to be reflected in a certain language, it is necessary to select the language.

4.1.1 Remove web-page

In order to delete a web-page, please press the


4.1.2 Edit Page Edit web-page content

In order to move to a page editing mode, you need to click the corresponding button. Once you did it, you will see the window of web-page editing.

Editing a page is facilitated by the editing tools.

Remove the content Save

Page layout templates Preview Crop

Paste as plain text Copy Paste

Paste from Word Print

Full text search Undo Redo

Insert CheckBox

Insert RadioButton Insert text field Insert Select Insert Image Button Insert hidden field

Replace text Remove format Mark all Insert form

Spell check

Insert Text area

Insert button

Page break Insert symbol Insert smile

Bold Italics Underline

Crossed font Subscript Superscript

Bulleted list Increase space

Decrease space Quotation marks

Centered Left-justified


Insert link

Insert image

Insert flash Insert table

Insert horizontal line Show blocks Scale editing window up/down

Right-justified Remove link Insert anchor Text colour Fill colour

Numbered list Text style Text format

Div container Font

Font size Edit metatags
While editing a web-page, metatags (title, keywords, description) can be input. Edit metatags

Press the Modify button to save the changes you made.

4.2 Add Page
This window contains the abovementioned panel of editing a page, the field for entering the file name and that for choosing its language version.

4.3 Edit Menu
In this section you...
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