Manual of Operation for Bakery

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Table of Contents

I. Introduction 3
Background of the Business 4
II. The Cinnamon with Peotraco Icing product 5 A. Product Description 5
B. Raw Materials 5
C. Technical Specifications 6
III. Cinnamon Production Area 6
A. Physical Layout 6
B. Location 7
C. Basic Facilities 7 D. Equipment 8
E. Repairs and Maintenance 8
IV. Staffing 8
V. General Sanitary Standards 9
VI. Processes
A. Production
B. Process Selection
VII. Quality Control
VIII. Capacity
IX. Packaging
X. Purchasing
XI. Just-In-Time System
XII. Scheduling

I. Introduction

This manual of Cinnamon with Peotraco Icing Production is designed to help and guide entrepreneurs who are interested in putting up a micro to small scale business such as bakery. With this guide, potential businessmen will have an idea of what are the internal as well as the external properties necessary for Cinnamon Bread Production, systematic steps will be reflected as well as the necessary equipments used in daily production. Furthermore, this manual will also provide information and encouragement to individuals to explore the bakery industry.

Bakery is one of the sources of food, particularly bread in a local community. It offers wide range of products such as loaf bread, pan de sal to name a few. Each bakery employs different baking techniques. Baking is considered as a food processing activity, it transform otherwise non-edible food into its final product. People are used to eat bread anytime, that is, bakery products can be served in the morning, lunch, snack and dinner. Cinnamon with peotraco icing is one of the best seller in ArieLiz Bakery. It is affordable and a unique variety of cinnamon found in the local community. It uses its basic main ingredient which is wheat flour (for the bread itself) and peotraco or powdered sugar with evaporated milk for its icing.

Background of the business

ArieLiz Bakery is located in Blk-12 Lot-20 Area-S Queens Beatrix street, Queen’s Row East Bacoor, Cavite. It is owned and managed by Mr. Ariel Aguila and Mrs. Elisa Aguila, thus the name ArieLiz. They have been in the bakery industry since 1990, they have experienced different fluctuations in demand due to increasing number of competitors as well as the changes in consumer preferences. To cope with these changes they have formulated different strategies to tap the consumers by producing a curiosity product at first, such as Cinnamon with Peotraco Icing, but in the long run, this curiosity product gained a success and now being considered as their best seller.

This bakery business generally started as a family business. Mr. Felix Aguila, father of the owner is the one responsible in the introduction of bakeries in Queen’s Row Bacoor, Cavite. At present, out of eight siblings, five have bakeries and one supplier of flour. It was said that during the past, bakery business is very lucrative because they are the only ones who are into that kind of business, but later on as the number of competitor increases, competition gets tougher and tougher.

ArieLiz bakery produces different ranges of bakery products from pan de sal to tasty, star bread to cheese bread and especially the Cinnamon. They produce the amount of cinnamon using past data on demand. They just approximate how many types of bread depending on the owner’s decision; specifically they employ the naïve method of forecasting. The primary mode of selling is though retailing in their display case within the bakery premises.

II. The Cinnamon with Peotraco Icing product

A. Product Description

Cinnamon with Peotraco Icing is...
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