Manual Handling in the Health Care Sector

Topics: Patient, Nursing, Health care Pages: 4 (1830 words) Published: July 17, 2011
This assignment seeks to discuss three key themes in relation to Manual handling in the health care sector and will describe the literature which supports this. This topic has been chosen as the handling of patients plays an important role in Health and Social care. NHS, (2010, p. 3) states that 'Manual handling is a core competency for staff caring for patients'. This assignment will look at the importance of training that is required to ensure competent and safe use of equipment and the moving and handling of patients. Secondly this assignment will go on to describe how poor manual handling can affect Patients. There are many problems that can arise from incorrect manual handling, therefore this assignment will focus on the risk of pressure ulcers and will also describe what staff can do to help minimise this risk. Finally, this assignment will then look at how poor manual handling can affect staff, particularly concentrating on the risk of back injury and how Healthcare professionals can reduce this risk. There are many types of equipment used to assist patients in moving and it is crucial that staff receive the correct training and that they are aware of the equipment that is available. It is important that staff feel confident and competent when using equipment to ensure the safety of themselves and the Patient. If the incorrect manual handling techniques are performed this could lead to injury to the patient and carer and could result in patient discomfort and development of pressure ulcers, as well as back problems for the carer. The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, (NICE, 2003) states that training in pressure ulcer prevention should be given to all health care professionals. Training should involve the correct use of pressure relieving aids, knowledge of positioning to minimise risk and also have a clear understanding of the risks involved (NICE, 2003). Staff working for the NHS should have available access to a back care advisor...
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