Manual Handling Activity

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Manual Handling Activity/Task Complete the relevant details of the activity being assessed| TRANSPORTATION OF STOCK FROM CURBSIDE TO STOREROOM|
Hazards All hazards associated with the activity should be entered here. Task, Individual, Load, Environment. See over| TASK: stooping, bending, holding away from body, strenuous pushing, strenuous pulling, repetitive handling and high initial effort.INDIVIDUAL: requires unusual strength, young person,.LOAD: heavy, bulky, difficult to grasp, difficult to see over.ENVIRONMENT: hot/humid, poor lighting, steps, storage conditions, varying floor levels, cramped, obstructions, slippery floors.OTHER FACTORS: Restrictive clothing, team handling| Those at risk Staff, public and others| Staff and public| Current control measures List current control measures|

2 people accomplishing tasks, clear pathway, extractor fan in store room, deliver during low customer traffic, provision of trolleys, proper lighting, proper shelving and storage , regular rest breaks, proper lifting techniques to be implemented/advised. Proper house keeping | With these controls the risk is (circle)| Unacceptable| Further controls required| Adequately controlled| Further control measures required signage and manual handling training.List further action needed to adequately control risks| |


Use a new box each time this assessment is reviewed
A manual handling assessment is required where you cannot avoid a manual handling task and there is a risk of injury. The assessment looks at the Task, Individual, Load and Environment. Each of these factors should be considered in the assessment. HSE booklet Getting to grips with manual handling offers guidelines on the weights a reasonably fit individual should be capable of carrying. It should be used as guidance and not maximum weight limits; remember the assessment should consider more than just the weight of an object. Factors that can affect the...
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