Mansa Musa

Topics: Timbuktu, Keita Dynasty, Mali Empire Pages: 2 (677 words) Published: January 12, 2009
As a citizen of Mali, I feel that Mansa Musa did a quite bold, and brave thing, that cost him many followers trust, but a new trade route in return. I however, am certainly not one of those “ex- followers”, for I find his strategy to be heroic. Even though he betrayed and stole from his citizens, in the long run, he meant well, and in a way, paid them all back. Mali was just average, until Mansa Musa came along. Under his ruling, our kingdom became twice the size that Ghana was. Because of him, we stayed strong for almost two hundred years. Mansa Musa always wanted the best for his kingdom, and had to make sacrifices along the way to get it where it is today. Mansa Musa filled the criteria of a leader perfectly, if not better than prior leaders such as Sundiata. When Sundiata died, Mansa Musa, a skilled military leader, took over and expanded Mali greatly. He appointed governors to rule the provinces that he had taken over. These governors ruled fairly and efficiently under Mansa Musa’s rule. This shows how Mansa Musa deeply cared about the lives of his civilians, and made sure all areas of his kingdom were fairly ruled over. He built mosques in Timbuktu, an important trading city, which attracted numerous Muslims that helped the kingdom of Mali prosper. It attracted judges, doctors, religious leaders, and scholars. This just goes to show you how skillful he was, and how he skillfully attracted important people to his kingdom. When Mansa Musa decided to go on his hajj to Mecca, he had it all planned out. He wanted this trip to be unforgettable, and to give others around the world a reason to come to Mali. He brought sixty thousand people with him, 500 being slaves. He also brought 100 camels, and in total, 192,000 ounces of gold. In no way was he shy about his surplus of gold, for showing off his riches was the point of the trip. One of his most famous stops along the way was when he went to Cairo and gave away so much gold, Cairo suffered a horrible...
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