Manpower Planning

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Manpower resources and requirements: calculation, specification and optimization of human resource requirements; job
After the completion of this lesson you should:
· Understand how manpower resource requirement is
· Understand the specification and optimization of human
resource requirements
· Understand what is a job description.
Requirement Calculations
You must very well understand that the greatest asset of any organization are its people. Every project needs people to
complete the work. Staffing requirements are the identified roles needed on a project to complete the assigned work. For
example, a project to install a new telephone system throughout a campus would require a menagerie of workers with varying
skill sets: hardware and software gurus, telephony experts,
electricians, installers, and others. The identified staff would be pulled from the resource pool. Any skills gaps would need to be addressed through staff acquisition, additional training, or procurement.

Staff acquisition is the process of getting the needed resources on the project team to complete the project work. Staff
acquisition focuses on working within the policies and procedures of the performing organization to obtain the needed
resources to complete the project work. Negotiation, communication, and political savvy are key to getting the desired resources on the project team.
The project manager will rely on the staffing management plan as an input to acquiring project team members. The staffing
management plan details how project team members will be
brought onto the project and excused from the project as
conditions within the project demand. The staffing management plan is a subsidiary plan that documents the staffing
requirements of the project.
In some organizations the project manager has little or no say on the project team assignments. In other organizations,
project managers have the ability to recruit, or at least influence, the project team assignments. The project manager should ask questions about:
· Experience:What is the experience of the project team
member? Have they done similar work in the past – and
have they done it well?
· Interest Level:Are the project team members interested in working on this project?
· Characteristics:How will this individual team member
work with other project team members?
· Availability:Will the project team members desired for the project be available? Project managers should confer with
functional managers on the availability of the potential team member.
· Knowledge:What is the competency and proficiency of the
available project team member.
A project needs a good, qualified, competent project team. Their competency, experience, and availability will directly influence the success of the project. Armed with this notion, the project
manager may rely on a few different tools and techniques to
obtain the needed project team resources.
Negotiating for Resources
Most projects require the project manager. to negotiate for
resources. The project manager will likely have to negotiate with functional managers to obtain the needed resources to complete the project work. The functional managers and the project
manager may struggle over an employee’s due to demands in
the ongoing operations, other projects, and effective utilization of resources. In other instance, functional managers may want to assign under-utilized resources on projects to account for the employee’s time. Project managers may also have to negotiate with other project managers to share needed resources among

projects. Scheduling the needed resources between the project teams will need to be coordinated so both projects may
complete successfully.
Working with Preassigned Staff
Project team members are often preassigned to a project for a number of reasons:
· Availability of the individual
· Promised as part of a competitive
· Required as part of the project...
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