Manpower Planning

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Manpower Planning

Human resource planning is the process by which management determines how an organization should move from its current manpower position to its desire manpower position. Through Manpower Planning, management is able to assess short and long term manpower requirements for an organization based on its operational needs.

Manpower Planning Input
Manpower planning is based on the following major qualitative and quantitative inputs: * Existing and expected levels of operation such as an increase in volume of business handled, existing and new projects, outsourcing decisions, etc. * Existing staff skills/strength

* Expansion of business and operating in different locations * Under resourced positions
* Performance/exit management
* Terminations/Resignations
Manpower Planning Period
The Manpower Plan is an annual plan, which is operational between January and December of each year. Manpower Plan Contents
The annual Manpower Plan contains the human resource requirements for each job title and function, as well as the skills, experience required, and when the resources are required.
The Department Heads are required to prepare their own plans/forecasts and send to the Human Resources Department final approval from the management. The Finance Department will take part in the preparation of the manpower budget based on the approved plan submissions.

The Head of the Human Resources department is responsible for reviewing the department level Manpower Plans to make sure that they are complete and seek any clarifications and justifications from the Department Heads, if needed. Head of HR will provide necessary support to Department Heads for facilitating the planning process. Also, Head of HR shall be responsible for the gathering the individual department Manpower Plans into the annual Manpower Plan and monitoring the implementation of the plan. Manpower Approval Level

The Manpower Plan will need to go through a review and approval process as below: * Initial review and recommendation - by Department Head
* Review and recommendation - by the CEO.
* The final approval - from the Board of Directors
The Head of Human Resources department will arrange for the Manpower Plan to be reviewed and approved by the approving authorities. Head of HR will also communicate decisions relating to the Manpower Plan including changes and recommendations, if any, resulting from the final approval, to the proper departments authorities. Changes to the Approved Manpower Plan

The Annual Manpower Plan may be revised during the year if necessary due to any unforeseen circumstances. Any decision to change the Manpower Plan needs to be approved by the CEO on recommendation of Head of HR and Department Head.

In each department, the number of employees in any job title should not exceed the number of positions specified in the approved manpower plan for that specific department. However, the Department Head may request transfer of a position authorized in the Manpower plan assigned for his/her Department through Human Resources Department to another position within the same Department in accordance with the following conditions: * The transfer is in the interest of work requirements of the Department. * As soon as the transfer decision is issued, the original position shall be deemed as cancelled. * The created position should have the same grade as of the original one.

If a transfer is required to be made across Departments, approval is required of the Department Heads of both Departments involved. Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment Procedure
Identification of a vacancy
The identification of human resources need is considered the starting point of the whole recruitment and selection process including identifying the number and type of the vacancies available, as well as identifying the requirement of each position. The department head identifies a...
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