Manon Lescaut

Topics: Manon Lescaut, Suffering, Kenneth MacMillan Pages: 3 (1048 words) Published: February 9, 2011
Manon Lescaut
Abbé Prévost

Manon Lescaut is basically the life story of a man named Chevalier Des Grieux. His tale starts when he was a boy of about fifteen; during a trip a pretty girl of about the same age catches his eye. He summons the courage to introduce himself and later, the two meet up to talk further. Chevalier learns of her father’s orders to commit Manon to a convent (a prison, of sorts (it is also suggested at this point that she is very liberal….in giving up her body to men)) and, being genuinely enraptured with this caring young man, she agrees to elope with him and the two sneak away to Paris in a carriage before the next dawn. The two move into a simple Parisian apartment for a few weeks; the naïve Chevalier is, quite viscously, torn apart from his dear Manon from a scheme concocted, chiefly, by Manon herself. Chevalier is taken back to his home in the provinces to live with his family. His father keeps him under strict supervision so he will not run away again and after a few years Chevalier seems to be on a successful track to become a socially respectable religious leader. During a public speech, Manon (secretly) observes Chevalier and her feelings for him reignite. She later locates him at his hotel in Paris and apologizes and confesses her undying love for him. After some livid restraint, Chevalier gives in to the irrationality of passionately derived emotion and renounces his years’ work to, again, elope with the seductress Manon Lescaut. Instead of simply running away, however, Manon decides that she will steal her mister’s jewels before they leave. This proves to be a mistake when the two end up being caught, arrested, and taken to separate prisons.

In prison, Chevalier befriends the Father/warden and takes slight advantage of his more lenient standards. However, to escape, he confronts the warden in his room at gunpoint and forces him to unlock several doors necessary for escape. In the process of...
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