Manners Maketh a Man

Topics: Humor, Humour, Comedy Pages: 1 (269 words) Published: September 30, 2010
In a world today, society emphasizes people to strive to be comfortable with their selves. Thus, if one’s true self is unique and different, they should be content and happy with themselves. Firstly, how uncomfortable is it to be a clone, or act like another person? Copying a role model is beneficial and acceptable, but only to a certain extent. There are some characteristics to be learned from others, but if their values and beliefs are analyzed, it is no longer acceptable for people to be unique and different. For example, I once had a friend who was funny and kind with her own sense of humor and wit. She started hanging around a group of girls, namely stereotyped as “sluts.” A few months into the school year, she traded her positive attitude and touch of humor for a rude and crazy lifestyle. At that point, I realized that the more unique people that try to “fit in” with a bad group, the worse the influence that the group of people spread throughout the community. Lastly, being unique and different gives us the opportunity to understand things from different points of views, have stronger values, and most importantly, be ourselves. Why try to force one’s mind into “fitting in” rather than be free to think about anything from different opinions? The “copying others” approach is often misguided because it promotes uniformity, which is to be avoided in situations. Instead, embrace one’s unique self because a difference among people gives everyone a greater perspective on topics and allows people to make better judgments for them selves.
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