Manipulatives: a Hands-on Approach to Math. Article Review

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Article Review 1
DeGeorge, B., Santoro, A. (2004). “Manipulatives: A Hands-On Approach to Math.” Principal, 84 (2), (28-28). This article speaks about the importance and significance of the use of manipulatives in the classroom, specifically in the subject of math. Manipulatives have proven to be valuable when used in a math class and are even more valuable to the children when they are young, and are learning new math concepts. Students are able to physically visualize the math concepts and gain knowledge because they understand what they’re learning a whole lot better and they also are able to gain insights on those concepts. Different examples of manipulatives may include counting with beans or M&M’s, using pattern blocks, puzzles, tangrams, and flash cards, just to name a few. Using manipulatives in a math class are beneficial to both the student and the teacher because the teacher is able to explain the concepts to the students in a much easier manner using the hands-on technique, rather than explaining it verbally. It’s especially beneficial to the student because by incorporating these manipulatives into their learning process, they are able to pick up the concepts much quicker and in a way that they better understand, yet are having fun while doing it. When they have the concepts down, the students’ self-esteem goes up and they feel encouraged to keep on going. After reading this article, I have found that I am even more convinced of using manipulatives in my classroom and I know that by using this hands-on technique, both I and the student will gain self-confidence. As a young child, I remember using a few manipulatives in my math class, but not very often, and personally, I had a very hard time learning math concepts. Today, I see my little sister, who’s in 2nd grade, using plenty of manipulatives and I am able to visually see just how important and valuable those are in her learning process. In my future classroom, I will definitely be using...
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