Manipulation of the Truth - Trench Warfare

Topics: World War I, Trench warfare, Barbed wire Pages: 2 (661 words) Published: June 8, 2006
Advertisement During WW1-Manipulation of the Truth.
Mitchell¡¦s Golden Dawn

The picture we are studying is an advertisement for Mitchell¡¦s Golden Dawn Cigarettes. The advert was made during WWI therefore it is based and inspired by a war theme. It is from the World War One in 1914 and shows a scene from a trench with soldiers. There are a number of ¡§inaccuracies¡¨ in the picture which would not have been in the trench. I intend to point these out and explain what would have been different in a real trench. I also intend to explain why the picture has been drawn this way.

Firstly the most fallacious error of all is the soldier¡¦s foolish and inapt ¡§grin¡¨ on their faces which make them seem as if they are looking forward to death. There is evidence supporting the fact that many soldiers obtained shell shock because of the trench warfare. It would be shockingly reckless if one were to beam cheerfully with delight after being aware that the chances of death are soaring. In a real trench, these men would have been anxious and petrified. Next the positions of the soldiers are ridiculous; one in particular is standing on top of the trench revealing his entire body and smiling directly at their opponent practically waiting to be shot to death. In an actual trench the soldiers would have been trying to cover themselves as much as possible, and clutching their rifles whilst praying for their lives to be spared. My next point is the pleasant clean atmosphere. Their uniform suggests that they are going to a parade- with an ironed jacket, soft parade hats, and nicely groomed hair cuts and mustaches. This was not the case in the actual war; the soldiers were all grubby and filthy. The picture has neglected all negative influences like the barbed wire, dead carcasses and corpses. Last of all is the trench itself. The trench presented on the picture is too small compared to the actual ones. As well as being too small it is also too straight and an actual trench...
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