Manipulation in Oryx and Crake

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Manipulation in Oryx and Crake
Manipulation may be a horribly effective word. Individuals have a tendency to utilize this move consistently to impel what they require in life. By misleading individuals or deceiving them into seeing a precise reason for read, individual’s addition power. To skilfully utilize the office of control an individual ought to utilize someone else's shortcomings. By utilizing an individual's feelings against them, they will be controlled effortlessly. In the novel “Oryx and Crake”, many of the characters of uses these techniques virtually to realize their goals. Artistic gadgets like symbolism, clash, and imagery are utilized as a part of writing to pass on an exceptional intending to the reader. Regularly these gadgets are utilized to make a thought clearer, underline a point, or relate a knowledge to the reader. In her famous book, “Oryx and Crake, Margret Atwood uses arcane accessories to acquaint the theme and purpose of her book. Atwood makes frequent utilization of imagery to support her theme. Throughout the novel, we realize that the characters are indeed very manipulative and, in some ways, eager to have some power over someone else. Jimmy himself is to a certain extent a manipulative character. He knows how to use others to obtain what he wants. This is particularly true as to his relationships with women. Jimmy knows how to make them “feel useful”; he chooses “sad women, delicate and breakable, women who’d been messed up and who needed him.” comforting them, he expects that “a grateful woman would go the extra mile.” (121). He also manipulates his mother in the sense that he wants to get a reaction from her, by any means, from making her laugh to making her cry. He wants her to feel something and manipulates her feelings until he gets what he wants. This is not the first time Atwood depicts a male character exercising power over women.

Once more, Atwood uses conflict to support her theme. The diversions the two young men played in their initial youth are all centered around winning an aggregate force upon the other and on controlling the other to achieve that objective. "They all used parallel strategies: you had to see where you were headed before you got there, but also where the other guy was headed. Crake was good at that game because he was a master of the sideways leap." (47). It appears that control and the suspicion that one must have some force upon another person is embedded from right on time youth, however likewise that Crake as of now had a transcendence on Jimmy, playing recreations additionally in a general way treating him with prevalence and loftiness. He appears to make a moron of Jimmy, and this inclination continuously develops, alongside the novel, as Jimmy finds Crake’s arrange and after that as he understands that Crake made him in charge of his animals once mankind is destructed. Jimmy’s impression of being misdirected comes with the clear naivety he exemplifies. Manipulation would therefore be an implement for potent people to have power upon weaker people. In like matter, the theme manipulation is shown through Atwood’s use of symbolism. Atwood uses the pills to display the affect that companies has over the citizens. By supplying the pills everyone thinks they take it to be healthy. “’We can’t give people hope. Hope isn’t ripping off!’ ‘At NooSkins’ princes it is. You hype your wares and take all their money and then they run out of cash, and it’s no more treatments for them.’”(67). The company manipulates individuals by creating them to believe that they are sick, and pretending to cure them of something that doesn’t they don’t even have. The way that the organizations have aggregate control over the needs of individuals, over their longings and over what they purchase to satisfy them, demonstrates how compelling they are in the general public and how they can keep on creating without being addressed. The need to fit a model, the steady yearning for...

Cited: Atwood, Margaret. Oryx and Crake. London: Virago, 2004. Atwood, Margaret. Oryx and Crake. London: Virago, 2004.
Manipulation In Oryx and Crake
Amal Yousuf
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