Manila Bay

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Manila Bay

A Case Study in Environmental Science

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Remelyn G. Ocat

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I. Problem, Survey , Location and Impact

II. Context, History and Background

III. Project Description

IV. Implementation of Project

V. Resources of Fund

VI. Results

A bay is similar to, but usually considered to be smaller than, a gulf. The Gulf of Mexico, for example, contains numerous bays—Mobile Bay and Tampa Bay among others. Although bays are generally smaller than gulfs, Hudson Bay is larger than some gulfs. In the Philippines, the Manila Bay is the most familiar of its kind. Fast Facts of Manila Bay in Philippines

Location: Along Roxas Boulevard, Manila 1004, Philippines

Manila Bay in Philippines is famous as one of the best natural harbors in the world. As you enter the bay of South China Sea through the entrance of 19 km expanding up to 48 kilometers, your sight will be caught by volcanic peaks dotted by tropical forests. Not much far from the bay are the Bataan Peninsula and the province of Cavite. In fact, there are many other islands speckling near Manila Bay like Caballo island slicing the bay at its mouth into the North and South Channels. If you proceed further along the south channel, you will spot El Fraile Island and Carabao Island. Manila Bay has a coastline of 190 km and area of 1,800 sq. km. There are about 23 million people living within the watershed of the bay. This area is the premier international gateway to the country’s political, economic and social center, and contributes around 55% of the country’s gross domestic product.  

The natural environment of Manila Bay area is facing various impacts from human activities, resulting in increasing expenditures for infrastructure, rehabilitation as well as health and social services. To address these concerns, the Manila Bay Environmental Management Project is currently being implemented in the National Capital Region and the eight provinces of Bataan, Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, Pampanga, Rizal, Nueva Ecija and Tarlac.

Manila Bay is an important economic resource with competing uses. The largest harbor in the country is located in Manila Bay with primary port services catering to both national and international maritime traffic. The increasing urbanization of Manila however, has destroyed the coastal habitats and estuaries which serve as spawning grounds of many economically important fishes. Manila Bay faces serious environmental problems. The red tide phenomenon, which is caused by the bloom of harmful dinoflagellates is causing paralytic shellfish poisoning. The water quality of Manila Bay has continually deteriorated due to increased discharges of domestic and industrial waste and pesticides. In addition, the management of Manila Bay is hampered by socio-political and interagency conflicts. To address the numerous environmental issues affecting the Bay, the Manila Bay Environmental Management Project was established. The Philippine Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has organized a Project Management Office (PMO). The PMO will work hand in hand with other national government agencies, local government units, private sector, non-governmental organizations and representatives of the civil society to implement the Manila Bay project. CHAPTER II

Context, History and Background
History of Manila Bay in Philippines says that the famous Battle of Manila Bay in which American troops led by Commodore George Dewey, seized the area, was fought in 1898 from this bay. Corregidor Island was annexed by Japanese forces fighting from this bay once again in 1942. Even earlier various other battles were fought from this naval base including the La Naval de Manila in 1646, which finally put a stop gate to the Dutch trials to seize the Philippines. However, we suggest you to witness the mesmerizing sunsets...
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