Manifest Destiny and Monroe Doctrine: The United States' Justification of Their Actions during Expansion

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Ideas of Manifest Destiny and the Monroe Doctrine Expansion
The United States expanded by using the ideas of Manifest Destiny and the Monroe Doctrine to justify all their actions during expansion. Manifest Destiny is simply just the belief that the United States had a God given mission to spread their civilization no matter who it harmed by the conquest of the entire Western Hemisphere. The Monroe doctrine on the other hand has three major ides that it consists of; no European countries could colonize in any of the Americas. The second idea of the Monroe doctrine was that it would enforce Washington’s rules of foreign policies. Lastly, it became the idea that any attempt to colonize the United States would be a threat to their national security. The United States followed both of these ideas in order to expand into the country that we are today.

Manifest Destiny meant that Americans were the chosen individuals chosen by God to create a modern society. It was the territorial expansion of the United States from the Atlantic to the Pacific. During the early nineteenth century the expansion of the United States into the new western territories did nothing but cause problems by bringing the Americans more conflict with Native Americans, Mexicans, the British, and the Spanish. There were a slight few people that expressed moral reservations about displacing others. The United States believed that this expansion was manifest destiny and the United States was to spread throughout the continent regardless of the cost and whomevers expense it really didn’t matter to the Americans at all. All of the Americans actions and beliefs were based off of the belief of manifest destiny. By the midcentury the United States was emerging as the world’s biggest major industrial powers, by living off of the soil, textile mills, and manufacturing plants. Many newcomers from Germany and Ireland came in search of the cheap land, good jobs, and the promise of political equality and...

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