Manicure and Pedicure

Topics: Manicure, Nail, Nail polish Pages: 3 (983 words) Published: January 9, 2011
Question on Manicure and pedicure

1. Name the protein in the nail
2. What is the function of this protein
3. Why is it important to keep the cuticles in good condition 4. How does the nail plate keep attached to the nail bed
5. Why does illness affect the nail
6. How does ageing affect the nail growth
7. How are the cells of the nail plate held together
8. Compare growth of fingernail and toenail
9. Why are healthy nail a pinkish colour
10. Why is the lunula white
11. Name the living part of nail
12. State the three causes of nail disease
13. Give two reasons why a client with a nail disease should be referred to their doctor 14. State three ways in which illness may affect the appearance of the nail 15. Describe the appearance of paronychia

16. Name one fungal infection of the nail
17. Give two examples of how bad manicuring techniques can damage the nail 18. Why are strong solvents bad for the nail
19. State two ways in which ageing affects the nail
20. What is the most common cause of white spots in the nail 21. Why is buffing good for the nail
22. State the main difference between eczema and dermatitis 23. Describe the appearance of psoriasis
24. Why are warts contraindicated to a manicure
25. State to differences between a corn and a verruca
26. Name four conditions which may result from wearing ill fitting shoes 27. Explain briefly occur at joints
28. Name two long bones in the forearm
29. Where are the metacarpals in the foot
30. What is the name of the small bone in the finger and the toes 31. Where can the hinge joint be found in the hand
32. State two ways in which the bones structure in the feet is adapted to support body weight 33. What is the difference between ligament and tendons
34. What do flexor muscles do
35. Why is the blood contained in your arteries red
36. Why is the skin thicker on the palms of the...
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