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Manicure and Pedicure

By amimai Jan 09, 2011 983 Words
Question on Manicure and pedicure

1. Name the protein in the nail
2. What is the function of this protein
3. Why is it important to keep the cuticles in good condition 4. How does the nail plate keep attached to the nail bed
5. Why does illness affect the nail
6. How does ageing affect the nail growth
7. How are the cells of the nail plate held together
8. Compare growth of fingernail and toenail
9. Why are healthy nail a pinkish colour
10. Why is the lunula white
11. Name the living part of nail
12. State the three causes of nail disease
13. Give two reasons why a client with a nail disease should be referred to their doctor 14. State three ways in which illness may affect the appearance of the nail 15. Describe the appearance of paronychia

16. Name one fungal infection of the nail
17. Give two examples of how bad manicuring techniques can damage the nail 18. Why are strong solvents bad for the nail
19. State two ways in which ageing affects the nail
20. What is the most common cause of white spots in the nail 21. Why is buffing good for the nail
22. State the main difference between eczema and dermatitis 23. Describe the appearance of psoriasis
24. Why are warts contraindicated to a manicure
25. State to differences between a corn and a verruca
26. Name four conditions which may result from wearing ill fitting shoes 27. Explain briefly occur at joints
28. Name two long bones in the forearm
29. Where are the metacarpals in the foot
30. What is the name of the small bone in the finger and the toes 31. Where can the hinge joint be found in the hand
32. State two ways in which the bones structure in the feet is adapted to support body weight 33. What is the difference between ligament and tendons
34. What do flexor muscles do
35. Why is the blood contained in your arteries red
36. Why is the skin thicker on the palms of the hand and soles of the feet 37. Which items of manicuring equipment are suitable for sterilising in an autoclay 38. Why is a disinfectant required for a manicure

39. How can the thickening of nail polish be prevented in storage 40. Explain the difference between a cuticle cream and a cuticle remover 41. Why is nail polish remover not suitable for thinning nail polish 42. State three ways of maintaining cutting tools in good working order 43. Why is a top coat not required with a pearl nail varnish 44. Why should a beauty therapist not wear nail varnish when they are giving a facial treatment 45. How should manicure tools be stored between uses

46. State three ways of avoiding back ache when giving a manicure treatment 47. Give three reasons for examining a clients hands before a manicure 48. Why should the nail polish colour be chosen at the beginning of the manicure 49. Why is the orange tip used with cotton wool

50. How does buffing the nail without paste benefit the nail 51. Why is cuticle cream used before the cuticle remover in the massage sequence 52. State two precautions which should be take to avoid scratching the nail plate with the cuticle knife 53. How should nails be prepared for the nail varnish after the hand massage 54. Why is it important to apply nail polish with the minimum number of strokes 55. What details should be entered on the clients record card after the manicure treatment 56. Name three beneficial effects of a hand massage

57. Why does the massage sequence begin and end with effleurage movements 58. Give two effects upon the skin of petrissage movements 59. Why is a cream or lotion used when massaging the hand 60. Give two contraindications of a hand massage

61. State two important considerations when shaping the clients nail 62. Why should the nail not be filed to a point
63. List three factors of the nail polish chosen for a client 64. State three ways of preventing the nail polish from chipping or peeling 65. What is a French manicure
66. Describe the first signs of a typical allergic skin reaction 67. Explain why an allergy to nail polish usually appears on the face 68. Name two ingredients of nail polish that are most likely to cause and allergic reaction 69. What immediate action should be taken if a client has an adverse reaction to the manicure product 70. Why might an allergic reaction to nail polish not show up during the manicure treatment 71. Which type of oil is most suitable for giving a warm oil treatment 72. State three benefits of a warm oil treatment

73. How does paraffin wax treatment achieve its beneficial affects 74. What is the purpose of wearing insulated mittens during a paraffin wax treatment 75. State three beneficial affects of using an exfoliant on the hands 76. Give three contraindications to a pedicure

77. Give two reasons for using a foot spa during a pedicure 78. State two ways of removing hard skin from the feet
79. When is the best time to promote a pedicure treatment 80. State three benefits of exercising the feet
81. Name two retail foot care products which could be sold in the salon 82. State the location and the function of the arches of the feet 83. Name the heal bone
84. Give the common name for ringworm of the foot
85. State two ways of refreshing tired aching feet during a pedicure 86. Why should the feet be dried thoroughly after bathing the foot 87. Why causes foot odour
88. Over which muscle of the leg is cupping applied during the massage 89. What would you do if the client has a verruca

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