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School of Horticulture, Hairdressing and Applied Therapies Level 2 Certificate in Nail Technology

Unit UV20470 – Provide manicure services


1. Describe how to conduct a nail and skin analysis and what important factors must be assessed.
Analysis procedure

Nail analysis

Cuticle analysis

Skin analysis

2. Describe what contact dermatitis is and how can you avoid developing it when carrying out nail services

3. Describe how to effectively and safely position manicure tools and materials for manicure services


Insert a picture of the following manicured nail shapes: Oval, Round, Square, Squoval, pointed

5. Describe common natural nail types and how they can be treated, the first one has been done for you
Nail type
Characteristics and cause of nail condition
Recommended treatment
Ridged nails are caused by uneven nail growth.
Usually the result of an illness or injury.
Buff to minimise the ridges.
Use a ridge filler when painting for a smoother finish.
Avoid pearlised varnishes, as these will increase the visibility of the ridges.







Overgrown cuticles

6. Explain the importance of filing the free edge to complement the client’s natural nail conditions and how this is carried out correctly.

7. Describe the different types of manicure tools and equipment and how to use them
What is it used for?
Emery board

Orange stick

Cuticle knife

Cuticle nipper

Nail scissors

Toe nail clippers

Hoof stick

Nail brush

Nail buffer

8. List the principle ingredients and describe the use of each of the products below
Name of Product
Principle Ingredients
Product Use

Nail Polish Remover

Cuticle Cream

Cuticle remover

Buffing Paste

Base Coat

Nail Enamel

9. Describe the different types of massage movements used in a manicure and what would be the benefits
Name of Movement

10. The three main types of massage medium are listed below. Can you state the benefits of each massage medium?

Oil: Talc: Cream:

11. Give an example of a hand and nail treatment and explain the reasons why several services are necessary to improve skin and nail services

12. Explain the importance of removing excess moisture, debris and product from the natural nail to prepare for required nail finish

13. Describe the correct methods of applying different nail finishes
It is important that you recommend a colour of nail polish that is suitable for your client. For each of the clients listed below, say what colour or finish you would recommend and give reasons for your answers.

1 A client with short nails


2 A client with poor circulation


3 A client with very short, bitten nails


4 A male client with ridges in his nails


5 A client with small hands ___________________________________________________________

14. Describe the correct method of removing nail polish

15. List the contra-actions that can occur during or after a manicure.

16. State the recommended time intervals for nail services

17. Describe the aftercare/homecare advice clients should be given with reference to maintenance requirements, products and tools for manicure services and why these are important










18. Describe the nail growth process and why diet and a good blood supply are vital

Nail growth

19. Research task on nail and skin diseases and disorders.
Whilst working as a beauty therapist you come into contact with a range of nail and skin diseases and disorders. Below are a list of nail and skin diseases and disorders. It is vital that you are able to recognise them and whether or not they are a restrict or prevent contra-indication. Create a table to describe the visual factors and also include a photographic image of each one.

a. Beau’s line
b. Blue nails
c. Bruised nail
d. Dermatitis
e. Eczema
f. Hangnail
h. Leuconychia
i. Paronychia
j. Psoriasis
k. Onychophagy
l. Onychorrexis
m. Ringworm
n. Scabies
o. Warts
p. Whitlow Structure of the nail
Label the diagram below

Visible /underlying structures Cross section of the nail

19. Name and describe the function of each part of the nail from the diagram.
Part of the Nail
Function and Description

20. Label the diagram of the bones of the hand and wrist

Name the two bones of the forearm which makes up the wrist joint.

a. b.
The wrist and hand are made up of ___________________ bones. The wrist is made up of _________________ irregular shaped bones, which interlock and are held together with __________________________

The individual names of the carpel bones are _________________. _______________,
___________________, ________________________, _________________________,
___________________, ________________________, _________________________.

There are _______________ metacarpal bones and _______________ phalanges in each hand.


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