Mango Supply Chain

Topics: Mango, Agriculture, Bangladesh Pages: 3 (752 words) Published: January 22, 2012
Optimum Supply Chain Network in Bangladesh: Mango

Md Hamidur Rahman
Department of Marketing,
Jagannath University,Dhaka
1st Batch

Mango!!! Have some saliva, no problem, Mango is still found in market, Bangladesh is a nation of mango loving people. Our culture as well as cuisine is enriched by mango for hundred years. In past, mango was grown all most all house but now scenario has changed due to urbanisation and industrialisation. Due to increased amount of population, land has been used for making houses, roads, cultivable land, and industry and for many other purposes. Now mangos are grown mainly in village areas. When the locally produced mangos is the source of meeting demand of whole country then one question come in our mind that is how efficiently these mangos can be marketed and supplied in whole country. My paper is all about this “How”.

Cultivation (Bangladesh)
From time memorial in the history of Bangladesh, mango had been used for house hold consumption and serving guests. Until before 30 years ago, almost every family had mango trees for their own consumption. In present age mango basically cultivated for commercial purpose. Mango, mostly produced in north Bengol i.e., Rajshahi, Chapai Nababgong, Natore, Rang pur, Kurigram, Lalmonir Hatt ete. Apart from north Bengol, some parts of south Bengol also contribute in total production like Kustia, Meher Pur, Jessore, Norial, Jinaidha etc.

Mango’s contribution to economy
Let us discuss how mango contribute in our economy based on the information from Department Of Agriculture Extension (DAE) and Agriculture Information Service(AIS). Here, the information is given, will not be perfectly accurate due to numerous sources of collection data. It is just a projected and rough calculation. Table 01

YearLand (North Bengle)Land (Rest of Country)No of TreesTotal ProductionPrice per KGTotal value (In Thousand TK) 2010232720 hectares176876 hectares254234562230000 Ton45...

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