Manging Communication Knowledge and Information

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Information or processed data is essential for any action we take. For example when we are travelling in the road somebody can be gifted with knowing the data such as names of the roads and the direction, but to use it he or she should use this to make the map which can be considered as the information gathered. The knowledge he or she has on using the map correctly to take the decision of choosing the correct road to travel in. which will be stored the person’s mind as wisdom. Whenever he or she wants to repeat the procedure without starting from the first with the gathered wisdom he or she can work out. The same theory applies when carrying out a business. The presence of correct information and the use of correct knowledge in effective decision making.

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As in all other organisations the mobile manufacturing organisation too has divided the organisation into separate departments. Important data from all departments add up to produce important information needed for effective decision making.

• The amount of mobiles manufactured within the last five years- by taking and analysing the amount of mobiles manufactured per year in past the five years, information of whether the number of mobiles manufactured has reduced or increased can be gathered. If reduced by what percentage, if increased by what percentage can also be found. The specific years with a drastic increase or a reduction can also be gathered. • The variation done for the quality of the mobiles in past five years- any records of increments in the mobiles during the past years will give the information of the intensity the attention the company has given to the quality of the products. • Sales within past five years- the separate figures of the sales of past years together displayed will give the information whether the sales has declined or not. The percentage or the depth of the angle of decline or increase with the consecutive years is presented. • The profits and losses report of the past five years performance- the information of the amounts of profits gained is gathered. That is the decrease or the increased amount of profit with the year. And also is the company has faced any losses and the percentage amount of increased profits and losses can also be found. • The success of the marketing plans implemented in the past- important information about one of the company’s strategies laid within past years is reviled for analysing purpose. Information such as the mistakes, new ideas and so on can be gathered by analysing information produced marketing plans. • Customer feedbacks recorded in the past five years- this will give the most important part for the decision making statements, because all the plans to lay should be based to satisfy the customers. The past records of ant customer feedback will indirectly give information of customer satisfaction over the years. • The most sold model through out existence- the most sold model information will give the model sold and the details of that model. Therefore when choosing the features to be added the decisions makers can make a successful decision.

• Present manufacturing model with the highest demand- the product details the contribution towards the total revenue the model alone are information that will be important on deciding the features to be added, the quality increments. • Current raw material used details and supplier details- the data provided will act as a test for the suppliers and the raw materials they offer. The need for changes of the raw materials or suppliers can be taken form this. • In stock excess amount of mobiles present- the information about the amount of unsold mobiles phones...
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