Mangers of Cairo Concerned with the Frequency with Which Reliable Staff Arriving Late to Work

Topics: Decision making, Religion, Management Pages: 3 (692 words) Published: August 26, 2013
1.0 Introduction

The purpose of this report is to identify the problems that managers face on a day to day basis. Arriving on time to work is not only showing that you respect your colleagues and management but also helps you to stay focus and get the job done without any extra stress because you haven’t got enough time to finish the job.. This leads to the specific management problem that this particular report will focus on, which is how managers within Cairo Egypt deal with employees arriving late to work on a regular basis.

2.0 Analysis of the Business Problem

2.1Problem Identified

Managers in Cairo are noticing that staff members that are normally very reliable are arriving late for work. This is a problem for any business as it reduces productivity and efficiency, shows a lack of respect for the company’s authority figures and is very inconsiderate of the employee towards their colleagues. 2.2 What led to the Problem

As not all employees are Muslim, those that are not feel that they are working longer hours than those that are, as the Muslim employees take time out of their day to do their regulatory prayer sessions. This has caused a lack of team cohesion in the company and therefore to compensate they are coming in late to work. Employees also feel that the decisions being made by Management is not benefiting them as the Manger is Muslim his religious beliefs are impacting the decisions that he makes.

2.3Contextual Factors

The process of decision making is to identify problems and opportunities and then resolving them. There are different types of decisions and models that help businesses make decisions. There are also factors that will influence the way in which a business will choose to run and manage their company these factors are social, cultural, economic and political. As Cairo has a huge Islamic population the religious beliefs have a major role in how the company shall be run (reference). As the manager is Islamic...
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