Mangement Style Essay Week One

Topics: Management, 2006 singles, Quality control Pages: 4 (682 words) Published: November 21, 2014

What is Your Management Style?
Management Style Essay
Shawna Bolin
University of Phoenix

Every day we come across some type of management whether it is directly or indirectly. It may happen when we go the store, a physician’s office or even face to face when we are employed. Knowing what management is and what the good and poor qualities are of a manager can make your place of employment more enjoyable. To me when it comes to management I believe that it can be defined as an individual or group of individuals who are responsible for handling people and certain situations. Knowing what make a good manager can not only help you become a better manager yourself but it can also help you with other employees.

Knowing how to be a good manager and knowing what actually makes a good manager is key to a good, positive work flow. One good quality that I believe a manager should have would be good communication skills. Making your employees feel valued will make your employees attitude towards work go a lot farther. Another good quality that a manager should have would be to provide positive feedback and recognition to their employees. Being recognized for hard work and the dedication that employees put into the company every day to keep it running smoothly will not only help with positive attitudes but will encourage less call offs and a better overall work environment. Lastly, another good quality that I believe makes a good manager is asking your employees what you can do as a manager to help make the work place better. It will help the employees feel like they are actually involved with the company and not just another individual who got hired.

Even though we all wish that when we get a job that our managers will at least be tolerable that is not always the case. Having a manager with good qualities is hard to find and it seems like more managers than not have poor qualities. Since managers have a lot on...
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