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1a.Why managerial skills play a critical role in organizational and individual success alike? Under what conditions they have an even more prominent role as a growth-producing agent?

Management is such a term that is almost a synonym to success. Whether it’s individual or organization, management is must in order to be developed or to grab success. Management of time, management of work load, management of staff, management of environment, management of finance etc everything needs to be well managed so that it will simplify the working process and map a way to successful future. Organizational management is done by a group of people precisely we can say a group of managed people. Management team and the managed organization are interrelated, in absence of one another is impossible. So I way would like to say is the three types of managerial skill i.e. human skill, technical skill and conceptual skill all of them are very liable in the development of both organizational and personal development and thus will lead towards success. Managers can have more prominent role as growth producing agent if more practice is done and feedback is taken from others. As management skills can be developed and improved via practice and feedback. So if regular practice is done and if a manager develops from the feedback that he/she gets then growth is certain.

1b.Would you say that the critical role of managerial skills is universal? Why? Why not?
Yes it’s a fact that almost all the managing body shares common belief and theory about management but when it comes to skill I cannot say that it will be universal because we know that the organizational environment and the people in the environment varies from place to place and the changes going around is also inevitable. So the skill should be in a way that it should address particular environment. There is no such skill that suits every environment. For example, let’s take a traffic...

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