Mandatory Background Checks

Topics: Employment, Background check, Security clearance Pages: 1 (295 words) Published: March 8, 2012
When an employee is hired at a company, oftentimes a background check is necessary in order for the hiring process to proceed. Companies check future job candidate’s criminal backgrounds, as well as prior job performance. They may also check an employee’s credit. Employers want to know who they are working with before they hire sometimes. In my opinion, criminal background checks are definitely necessary. For example, employers need to know if the person they are hiring robbed a convenient store one year ago. Especially if the place that is hiring them is a convenient store. The time frame in which criminal activity was present should also play an important factor. If the prospective employee committed this crime ten years ago when they were sixteen, an employer may look at the situation differently. But, the employer definitely should perform a criminal background check to ensure the safety of other employees. Sometimes financial institutions such as banks, finance companies, and brokerage firms are required to undergo a credit background check. This shows honesty and integrity. It also lets an employer know if the employee pays bills on time and is responsible. Someone who does not pay bills on time may steal from the company because they are struggling to make ends meet. If they are not offered the job, they will not be put in that predicament. In closing, it is necessary to perform background checks on employees for certain positions to ensure the safety of the employer and other employees. It is important that the company be kept free of people who do not have the right intentions. By completing a background check, employers are looking out for the wellbeing of the company and also helping the employee not commit a further crime.
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