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Character Based Dictionary - CPod Newbie and Elementary Lessons Version 3 – Includes Vocabulary from Dialogs and Expansion Sentences Final Lessons Included:
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1. Characters are arranged by Pinyin, in English alphabetical order (u immediately precedes ü). Characters with the same Pinyin are arranged first by tone (1-5), then by character frequency (see later). The first line consists of (left to right): (a) Pinyin (b) The character (c) The character rank, by frequency. This is from a list by Jun Da. I have inserted this only to help me reference characters easily at a later time (eg. for stroke-order diagrams) (d) The meaning if the character occured as a standalone word in the lessons. There may also be reference here to an alternative Pinyin version of the same character, but only if the alternative appears in these lessons. Next (in a box) comes the full definition for the character, as provided by the Pocket Oxford Chinese Dictionary. Sometimes, the character will appear twice in the Oxford Dictionary with the same Pinyin. This occurs when the two meanings are entirely unrelated. This occasionally happens when two different Traditional Characters have merged into the same Simplified Character. In this dictionary, the two meanings appear in the same box, with a dividing line between them. If the Oxford Dictionary has no character definition, I found the defintion on the Web (usually Yellowbridge). Such definitions are preceded by a large dot. Following the character definition (indented, with a border on the left), is a list of all compounds from these lessons starting with this character. Finally (after the double asterisk) is a list of all compounds (without definition), where this character appears in the compound other than at the start.



4. 5.

Following the Character Dictionary is a list of all words used. It is alphabetical by the first character in the word. Words which appear in Expansion sentences only, appear in blue.

Ālóng āyí

阿龙 阿姨


āiyā āiyō āiyōu

哎呀 哎哟 哎呦


hey / look out

(used before a pet name, a surname, or a title of family and other relationships) Aaron maternal aunt / a form of address for a woman of one's parents generation / maid

[interj.] (showing surprise or discontent) damn! / ah! / my god! / yikes ouch / hey (exclamation indicating disappointment)

āyā āyō

啊呀 啊哟



[see ă, à, a]

Àiĕrlán àihào àiqíng àishàng

爱尔兰 爱好 爱情 爱上



[interj.]; (a cry of surprise or amazement) (interjection of surprise) / Oh my (interjection of surprise) / ouch

[v.] 1. love; 2. like, be fond of; 3. be apt to, be in the habit of Ireland hobby / interest romance to fall in love with / to be in love with

ă à a

啊 啊 啊


(interj. - surprise); [see ā, à, a]

** kĕ’ài (可爱), liàn’ài (恋爱), qīn’ài (亲爱), qīn’ài de (亲爱的), tán liàn’ài (谈恋爱), xīn’ài (心爱)

[interj.] (expressing surprise)

753 oh (interjection); [see ā, ă, a] Àifēiěr



[n.] 1. Chinese mugwort; 2. [lit.] end, stop; • (surname) Eiffel

[interj.] (expressing sudden realization)


[see ā, ă, à]



alas / oh dear

[part.] 1. (used at the end of a sentence to convey a feeling of admiration or an undertone of warning); 2. used before a pause in order to attract attention); 3. (used after each item of a series of things) ** shì a (是啊), tiān a (天啊)

[interj.] 1. (a sigh of sadness or regret); 2. sound of sighing


安静 安排 安全 安全带



àn ào
Àobāmă Aòtèmàn àoyùn Aòyùnhuì

暗 奥
奥巴马 奥特曼 奥运 奥运会


dark / gloomy

(A) [v.] 1. put sb. in a suitable position; 2. install, fix, fit; 3. harbour (an intention); (B) [adj.] 1. peaceful, quiet, tranquil, calm; 2. tranquillize, stabilize; 3. be content or satisfied; (C) [n.] safety ānjìng ānpái ānquán ānquándài quiet / peaceful / calm /...
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