Mancoon Cats

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Maine Coon Cats

Ashlee Daniels

Mrs. Derringer fifth hour

November, 16, 2012

One night I was sleeping and I woke up hearing chirping noises from the bathroom. I creaked open the door and saw my Maine Coon cat! Maine Coons are one of America’s popular cats because of their personality, loving nature, and looks. Maine Coons have a lot of skills that make them perfect for most activities. They are excellent hunters and love to be playful and loving to everyone they meet. Maine Coons developed by breeding that was done independent of humans. Female Maine Coons would only breed with the most dominant males and this created a natural process where the cats with the strongest body, best hearing, warmest fur, and perfect vision were the ones that had the most offspring. This process is called the selection of the fittest by most scientists. The Maine Coon cats of today came from the best of their breed from many generations of cats before them. This weeded out the cats that had health problems and resulted in a cat with superior abilities compared to other cats. This might explain why the breed is so popular with people.

One of the prettiest things about the Maine Coon is their looks. First, is its fur, it is colorful. Maine Coon’s fur colors are black, gray, orange, cream, silver and brown. Maine Coons fur also can be short or long, and they can have fur as long as six inches. Also, Maine Coons fur has several layers. This was very important to the success of the breed in surviving some of the coldest climates. Maine Coons aren’t just about the pretty looks, they also need to be cared for so they will continue to have beautiful silky fur. So, brushing on a regular basis is a must. Also, brushing helps you and your cats. It helps you to bond with your cat. It helps your cat because when you brush out all the loose hair from his or her coat he or she won’t get so many hairballs.

Another distinguishing feature about the Maine Coons are their facial features. Maine Coons have special eyes that allow them to see at night like a human would see in the day, but Maine Coons also have excellent vision in the daytime. Maine Coons eyes usually are green, gold, and copper colored.

Maine Coons ears can hear things from miles away that would not be discernible to the human ear. They have tufts of fur on the tips of their ears (which is so cute!). Then, their foreheads are very special. They have a “M” on their foreheads to symbolize Maine Coon. They have tuffs of fur around their necks because that’s how their mothers picked them up when they were kittens. Maine Coons also have a special square jaw that allows them to clamp down and prevent prey they catch from escaping. This is very important because Maine Coons have to eat more food than the average cat breed because they burn more energy than a smaller cat. They have been found to eat larger amounts of food and they have developed traits that allow them to eat larger prey and eat larger amounts of food in the same time it takes most cats to eat only a small amount. This was a trait that the Maine Coon cats developed from living in the wild and not knowing if they might lost any food they found to a larger predator.

Another thing that gives a Maine Coon good looks is its toes. Their toes have tuffs of fur between them. They have those tuffs of fur because in the winter they need that fur for warming up their pads. Their pads are just like our fingers and they can get cold. The tuffs of fur act like gloves in keeping their pods warm. Maine Coons are designed to exist in the coldest winters and their fur allows them to stay healthy. If they did not have the tuffs of fur to protect their pods they could suffer from frostbite just like you and I would. Their pods are full of sensitive nerves that help them to move across the ground and climb. If these aren’t protected it would make their...

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