Manchester United: Official Supporters Club Constitution

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Branch Committee

A branch must have an elected committee (“the committee”) to run branch matters and ideally, should consist of the following:

Chairman / Chairperson
Committee members (minimum 3)

All posts must be up for re-election on an annual basis at the branch Annual General Meeting (“AGM”). Once re-elected for the first time, the Club must be advised in writing immediately of any amendments or additions to the committee.

Manchester United reserves the right to reform any branch committee where it feels necessary.

Committee Meetings

The committee should meet at least on a quarterly basis. The minutes of each meeting should be forwarded to the General Manager, Ticketing and Membership immediately after each meeting. Copies of the minutes should be made available to the branch members upon request.

Branch Rules and Conditions

A branch should present each branch member, upon joining for the first time or renewing his/her branch membership, with a copy of the Branch Rules and Conditions. These should, in the first instance, be agreed and approved by the committee and Manchester United then offered for distribution to the branch members.

Branch members are entitled to receive advance notice of any amendments or additions to the Branch Rules and Conditions after they have initially been published and released.

Branch Finance

The committee as a whole must be responsible for the branch funds. Each branch must have their own bank or building society account. Cheques should require two signatures, one being a nominated committee member and countersigned by the Treasurer. The account must be in the name of the branch, i.e. Manchester United Supporters Club (or MUSC), (Branch name), Branch.

Credit or debit card accounts for sole use by the branch must be in the name of the Treasurer.

Branch Accounts

The committee is responsible for producing the annual branch accounts for submitting and approval to the branch members at their AGM.

All branch members are entitled to receive a copy of the accounts, either at the AGM or upon request by sending a stamped addressed envelope to the Treasurer. The accounts must be submitted for the attention of the General Manager, Ticketing and Membership for review.

The Treasurer is responsible for the accounting for the branch. The accounts should be kept up to date and made available for any branch member upon request. Any branch member querying an entry/entries in the accounts should, in the first instance, direct their query to the Treasurer. If still dissatisfied their query should be put in writing for the attention of the General Manager, Ticketing and Membership.

Branch Communications

The committee should ensure all branch members are communicated with on a regular basis and branches are encouraged to operate a branch website to inform members of key dates, publish minutes and branch constitution. The Club will provide a branch micro site template for use by branches for this purpose.

Branch Travel – Alcohol

Branches are requested to note the Control of Alcohol Act 1985 (“the Act”) is not a Manchester United rule but a law of the land. For your information, the Act states:

Whilst on a train or supporters vehicle being used to carry passengers to or from a DESIGNATED SPORTING EVENT, it is an offence to knowingly allow intoxicating liquor to be carried OR be in possession of it OR be drunk during the whole or part of the journey’.

The police have the power to arrest any person that they reasonably suspect has committed/or is committing this ‘crime’.

This extends to the person who hires out the vehicle, drives the vehicle or to whom it is hired.

It is important to note that the Act applies to ANY vehicle adapted to...
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