Manchester United

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The Red Devils
Soccer is one of the most famous and most viewed sports around the world. Every country has its league, and every league consists of a certain number of competing teams. Modern soccer, or soccer as we now know it, started in England; the home of the Barclays Premier League. The Barclays Premier League is known to be one of the most exhilarating, competitive and unpredictable leagues in the world. Many strong teams compete in the Barclays Premier League and it is always hard to expect who the winner will be, but for the past few years, out of all the teams competing in the Premier League, one team stood out and proved that it is truly the best English team in this period of time, and that team is Manchester United.

Manchester United F.C. was founded in 1878 as Newton Heath LYR F.C. and the name was changed to Manchester United F.C. in 1902. Manchester United F.C.’s home ground is Old Trafford, which is located in the city of Manchester. The team’s nickname is The Red Devils; the nickname was given to them because of the picture of a red devil that appears on the team’s badge. Manchester United only missed one season in the Barclays Premier League when they got relegated after losing to their current rivals; Manchester City. The team’s history consists of great managers, football legends and many titles; both domestic and regional.

Manchester United is a club that is famous for it’s huge fan base. Manchester United supporters are spread all around the world and not just England or Europe. Manchester United’s fans, or the red army as some people might call them are known to be very loyal to the team. Unlike Barcelona and Real Madrid’s fans, Manchester United fans stick with the team no matter what and they never criticize a player for not performing well in a certain match. Most of the people who support Barcelona and Real Madrid support them either because of a certain player in their squad (Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo) or because they win a lot of matches. Not many Barcelona and Real Madrid fans know about the history of the teams, its achievements or the legends that came out of it. And unlike Arsenal fans, Manchester United’s fans owe nothing but respect to the great players who end up leaving the team. For example, when Real Madrid played Manchester United a few weeks ago in Old Trafford, the fans were chanting “Get a plane, bring Ronaldo back from Spain!”. And when Ronaldo scored a goal against the team that made him what he is today (Manchester United), United’s fans cheered for him. However, when Robin Van Persie, one of the best strikers in this period of time, left Arsenal and joined Manchester United, Arsenal’s fan base went crazy. Arsenal fans were burning their “RVP” t-shirts and criticizing him for leaving them.

Over the years Manchester United had many different managers, but the manager who stands out the most is Sir Alex Ferguson who’s been managing the team since 1986. Every Manchester United player and every member of Manchester United’s huge fan base has nothing but respect to that man as he made so many contributions to the team. Sir Alex Ferguson isn’t only liked by Manchester United’s fans, but almost every person who watches soccer, regardless of what team he/she supports, admits that he is one of the best managers in the world and that the contributions he made to Manchester United are unmatchable.

Unless you support one of its rival teams, you simply can’t deny that Manchester United has been the best English team in the past two decades as they have won 19 Premier League titles that is more Premier League titles than any other English team has ever won (Liverpool comes in second place with 18 titles) and they’re on their way to win their 20th title with no sign of any competition from any of their rivals. For the past few decades, Manchester United have been dominating the Barclays Premier League. Even though they don’t win the title every season, Manchester United...

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