Manchester DBQ

Topics: Industrial Revolution, Wage, Socialism Pages: 2 (635 words) Published: February 18, 2014
In the nineteenth century, Manchester, England, became an industrial powerhouse, growing immensely not only in size, but in economic value for its excellent production rates and its industrial fruits. There was a downside to Manchester’s industrial prowess, however. The conditions in which the people worked were awful. Even through this though, the people stood up for themselves, and through protests and revolts, by the end of the nineteenth century the working force of Manchester had gained better hours, better wages, and better conditions overall. During the industrial revolution, Manchester grew to at least four times as large as it had been during 1750. A map from this time shows us this (Doc. 1). It also grew in economic value, as it became a leading producing city and an industrial powerhouse. It became a manufacturing powerhouse, producing many products, largely including textiles, fabrics, and raw materials (Doc. 4). These manufacturing advances in Manchester caused it to become much more important to industry in Europe (Doc. 9). It became the main source from which many cities acquired its wares due to its newfound economic growth and value (Doc 11). With its growth both physical and economic, Manchester needed to provide housing for a growing working class. This led to compacted living spaces and the use of machines that, though highly productive, were also very dangerous. The conditions in which the people worked were at best unlivable. Aside from little pay and few benefits, the factory workers were constantly exposed to pollution within the factories, usually being lint (Doc. 2). This pollution, along with cramped and unsanitary living conditions was a major cause of death to the workers of Manchester. Edwin Chadwick stated, “Diseases caused or aggravated by atmospheric impurities produced by decomposing animal and vegetable substances, by damp and filth, and close and overcrowded dwellings, prevail among the laboring classes. As a public health...
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