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19th century Manchester

The Industrial revolution was a time for innovation. These innovations brought about many discrepancies as to whether or not the industrialization was a good thing or not. Many people stated that because of the technological advancements, the industrialization was a great thing to happen to Manchester. Others believed that the industrial revolution made Manchester dark and dreary as well as overcrowded and less beautiful than it previously was.

As the product of the technological advancements brought about by the industrial revolution, Manchester was ravaged and became dreary and overcrowded to the point where Manchester was effecting the health of the people who lived there. in On the Progress and Prospects of Society (1829) an English Romantic Poet named Robert Southey states that the buildings are “without their antiquity, and without their beauty” because the industrial revolution has stripped the city of natural beauty, and instead replaced it with “frequent buildings” and smoke (document 2). Edward Chadwick, a public health reformer says in the Report on the Conditions of Labouring Population that the population was experiencing conditions that ultimately affected the health of those who resided in Manchester. Chadwick says that damp conditions, filth, and “bad ventilation” directly influence or affect the health of the laboring class (document 6). Flora Tristan, a french socialist wrote in her published journal that the industrial revolution was not only effecting the population in that it was denying people their comfort and welfare due to the foul air and dreary work conditions, but the industrial revolution ultimately degraded the city into a dark and depressing atmosphere.

The industrial revolution opened the door to many technical advantages that overall benefited Manchester and the people who live there, thus improving the city as a whole. Thomas B. Macauley, a liberal member of parliament and historian, says in...
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