Manas Wildlife Sanctuary

Topics: Assam, World Heritage Site, Indian Rhinoceros Pages: 4 (1430 words) Published: December 17, 2010
The name of the park originated from the Manas River, which was named after the serpent God Manasa. The Manas River is a major river that passes through the heart of the national park. Manas was declared a sanctuary on October 01, 1928. The Manas Tiger reserve was created in 1973. Before it was claimed a sanctuary it was a forest that used to be called the Manas R.F. and North Kamrup R.F. The forest was used as hunting grounds for the local family of royalty. Then in December of 1985 Manas was declared a World Heritage site (New World Encyclopedia, 2009). Manas has enormous natural diversity as well as brilliant scenery. Its wetlands are of international importance. It is also the single most important site for the survival of golden languor, pygmy hog, and hispid hare. The diversity of the life forms in the Manas National Park include elephants, rhinos, wild buffaloes, leopards, clouded leopards and the incredibly beautiful and rare black panthers. The birds found in the sanctuary are ones I have never heard of with some of the most exotic names, to name a few; there are Jungle Fowls, Bulbuls, Khaleej Pheasants, Scarlet Minivets, and Mergansers. There are also wildlife species with names just as or more bizarre than the bird species. Some of the species names that caught my attention were the Hoolock Gibbons, Assamese Macaques, Hispid Hare, Slow Loris and the Barking Deer. I wonder if the deer actually barks (Wild India). Manas Sanctuary is a world heritage site that is in need of support to reform. This is a home for a large variety of unique wildlife, including many endangered species including the Indian rhinoceros and elephant, the pygmy hog and the tiger. Manas is at the foothills of the Himalayas where the grasslands and tropical forest are in view. Tribes have endangered MANAS WILDLIFE SANCTUARY

its wildlife and a great deal of its plant life. In order to protect this area, they need people to support the backing of their protection plan. There are...
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