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Topics: Marketing, IKEA, Energy conservation Pages: 1 (268 words) Published: March 2, 2013
MGT 111

Case Study and report

Ikea is a furniture company that stared in Sweden in the 1940’s. Since then, they have gone international to over 38 other counties. One of the main management ideas that keep Ikea trending is the founder’s application of useful products that can be sold at a reasonable price. Ikea had it’s share of crisis in the early stages when furniture store were pressured by competitors were pressured to stop supplying Ikea. This didn’t not stop the founder from perusing the dream he had for Ikea, instead he started designing his own furniture. Ikea is a very innovative company with established management decision-making strengths. This company is known for selling unassembled furniture, which means a lower cost to purchasers without reducing quality. Ikea is also known for being an upfront company when it comes to conserving energy. Although conserving energy save the company and consumers of Ikea products money, management has a long-term plan for being so involved in saving energy. Ikea’s management hopes that some day their investment in Green Tech fund (a start up company) will help the produce batteries for eco- friendly Ikea products. Ikea’s management team has a clear and precise goal to create a better everyday like for the many people. As presented in the analysis above Ikea’s low price strategy for quality products is a key factor that keeps the company a float in this global environment. Ikea’s management has taken all the necessary step to keep their products affordable including producing in America since the market here for the products is increasingly growing.
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