Managment Control in Leo's Four Plex

Topics: Management, Ethics, Motivation Pages: 3 (639 words) Published: March 11, 2012
Leo’s Four Plex Theater
1. Lack of motivation:
* Discrepancies in the cash counts of the ticket booths – the cause behind this situation is the lack of motivation that leads to employee theft and neglecting of duties. * Failure of the cash collection from known customers – Employees are not motivated enough to perform their jobs sincerely and also do not know why they should collect cash, though there is no reason for personal limitation. * Unethical practice at ticket collection - Bill Reilly, the manager, gives out a significant number of free tickets with his signature on them. Due to lack of motivation among employees, this fact has created a scope to do unethical practice and thus ticket collectors might be giving free passages to friends/known customers.

2. Lack of direction:
* Taking advantage of family relationship – Being a relative of the Theater’s owner, manager is not maintaining any organization hierarchy and exploiting his power by giving free tickets to friends. This is because of lack of direction from the owner – Leo Antonelli. * Discrepancies revealed in test count – The attendants at the turnstile are not checking the tickets carefully enough since tickets with wrong dates and colors go into the wrong stub boxes. Inadequate direction on job responsibility leads them to not understanding the value of counter check. Solutions:

1. Owner of the Theater should give proper direction to manager to set specific objectives to overcome low profit situation. Thus, in turn manager would be able to give right directions to employees to achieve organizational objective. 2. Establishment of code of conducts within the organization may help each employee to understand what is expected from them within specific rule and regulation. Thus it may solve unethical behavior at the work place. 3. Different schemes of group award or individual incentive may motivate employees to understand their contribution to the...
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